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Nov 1, 2010 05:55 AM

Vegetarian Christmas

Christmas this year will include 3 vegetarians out of 6 people. Anyone have a holiday centerpiece main dish for vegetarians they would like to share??

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  1. Mushroom or butternut squash lasagna. I would be thinking along these lines.

    1. We usually have a roasted eggplant w/goat cheese lasagna, mushroom bread pudding (instead of stuffing), and cook all the veggies w/veggie broth (not chicken). So basically the only non vegetarian dish is the turkey/roast/etc.

      And for those "Oh shit we forgot to cook Nikki something" moments, my mom keeps a frozen quiche and other frozen vegetarian entrees in the freezer.

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        The mushroom bread pudding sounds great -- do you have a recipe.


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          Another dish that I had forgotten about is a butternut squash crumble

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            ooh the roasted eggplant lasagna also sounds great, do you have a recipe for that?

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              We use regular lasagna noodles. Haven't tried it with the spinach noodles or no boil (don't think there is enough liquid for no boil).

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                Wow, I gotta try the lasagna, it sounds wonderful and I have all the ingredients on hand. Just bought two large eggplant for .88 each, got a good deal on the goat cheese and ricotta as well. haven't been able to find any decent tomatoes except for grape tomatoes, but I'm sure they will be very tasty roasted. Guess that will be my project for tomorrow night!

          2. are they vegan? if not, eggplant parm is always good. as a partial vegetarian, i still eat seafood, i get by just fine on all of the sides, pasta or veg lasgana, salad, sweet or mashed potatoes, marianted mushrooms, side dish veggies like asparagus, antipasto (cheeses, roasted pepers,endive, etc version, not meat). at our house, if we feel the need, maybe i'll do salmon to make up for my missing protein main but not always. then there's desserts. so, all in all, i don't starve. quiches are good too for that. of course a lot of this depends on their actual restrictions.

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              You are not a "partial vegetarian." You're an pescatarian. Yes, that is a word. :D

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                thanks. i knew there was a term for it but just couldn't remember.

            2. Stuffed acorn squash is a great dish. Lots of recipes around and you can stuff with a bread stuffing, wild rice stuffing, or quinoa stuffing. It can serve as a side dish for the meat eaters and a main for the vegetarian guests.

              Also a good idea to make the sides vegetarian if possible. Use vegetable, no-chicken, or mushroom broth.

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                "Also a good idea to make the sides vegetarian if possible. Use vegetable, no-chicken, or mushroom broth."

                cheesecake, I really agree with you. Why is it here in Texas that everything has to have meat in it? It gets pretty frustrating for me.

              2. I like mushroom pot pie. I love mushroom lasagna and bread pudding, but find those pretty heavy on the starch if it's a holiday table with other side dishes. Mushroom pot pie has a much higher shroom to carb ratio.

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                  I was just going to suggest mushroom pot pie!