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Nov 1, 2010 05:05 AM

18th Birthday- Something "Fun"?

Planning an 18th birthday for my daughter and she'd like to go somewhere fun. She would love to go someplace with live music or dancing. I thought that a salsa place would be fun, and some of the places offer lessons (Brasil) but it looks like this is for a strictly over 21 crowd. I'm also thinking about a place where you can do karaoke, and saw that New Harmony in Chinatown has a private room you can book for a group, which looked fun. Any one ever done this?

Any help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I haven't done it but Yakatori Boy on 11th street has private Karaoke rooms of various sizes and pretty good "meat on a stick" which is what Yakatori is!

    1. There's a fun and not-too-expensive Moroccan restaurant on City Avenue:

      You can get a private area, and belly dancing!

      1. I've heard that North Bowl in the northern liberties is a good place for a party. Yakatori Boy is fun, but I'm not sure about their age requirements.

        1. We ended up booking a table at Marrakesh for my daughters birthday. They loved it, and at $25 pp it was a bargain~! Afterwards they went for karaoke at Downey's a few blocks away. They had a blast!