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Nov 1, 2010 03:05 AM


What would you think if you went to a nice restaurant and ordered Eggs Benadict, and were served this:

I don't want to make any possibly prejudicial remarks up front, but I am curious about the ties between our expectations and surprise. What would yours be?

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  1. Extreme disappointment...small portion and no delicous, runny egg (as far as I can see)..

    I could probably live without the hollandaise but without a crisp, hot muffin, an oozy egg, and some salty Canadian bacon, it's not EB.

    I kinda like molecular but it should be clear from the menu.

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    1. re: toomuchfat

      I agree, it should be clear from the menu. I don't mind molecular but it isn't my top choice usually.

    2. Depends upon the circumstances.

      If I was expecting a regular version I would be disappointed. I love EB, and it is hard to satisfy that particular craving with anything else.

      If I was dining at a place where I was aware of the style, then I would be ready to enjoy their riff on an old standard. This type of dining is fun and often delicious, but it is not a style I want to experience daily.

      Sort of like film - some days you are in a mood for something very arty and cerebral, other days you really just want to see an old fav for the umpteenth time.

      1. If I were at Denny's I would fall of my chair, but if I were at WD-50 I wouldn't even wink. It's all about context.

        Now, if you put American cheese in my eggs benny without writing it on the menu...

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          If this is the kind of surprise one might get at WD-50 and similar slick places, maybe the safe thing to do is eat before you go.

        2. I hope that didn't cost more than 30 cents

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          1. re: ChrisOC

            At WD-50? I'm sure it was considerabley more.

          2. When I want EB, I want the real deal: English muffin, Canadian Bacon/ham, poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. Sprig of parsley and orange twist optional. I'd be sadly disappointed to be served this. But then I wouldn't be inclined to order it at a restaurant that specializes in deconstruction and molecular gastronomy... :-)