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Nov 1, 2010 01:23 AM

Spelt Bagels

Desperately seeking spelt bagels! Of course, I'd like them to be terrific bagels, but at this point, I"m not picky. Has anyone seen them anywhere in DC or the DC metro area (esp. the MD side of things)?

Staff at Goldberg's on Georgia in Silver Spring said they "might" do a special order...will check Bethesda Bagels and Morty's Delicatessen...any known sources would be hugely appreciated, but I'm willing to follow up on potential sources, too.

Thank you kindly!

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  1. Where have you even had Spelt bagels? I have eaten many a bagel in my time, but have never seen Spelt? Is it beyond chewy? What have I been missing?

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      Spelt bagels are indeed delicious and beyond chewy -- well said. Sorry; can't give you a reference for where I ate them, I think it must have been in NYC. Much like whole wheat bagels, of course. No, it's not egg, I understand...but if you can't do wheat, then it's pretty darn exciting. I can't stop thinking about them now that I have this idea that Goldberg's might do them as a special order. It's hard to plan quite that far in advance, but I may pull it off if they will!