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Oct 31, 2010 09:49 PM

Wok ring with electric stove?

I have a glass top electric stove so it's a flat surface and what I was wondering is if a round bottom Wok with a Wok ring would work ok or not. I also have a propane burner but I don't want to always go outside to cook.

I'm trying to only buy one Wok if possible instead of a flat and round Wok. I have been using a flat non stick Wok but I need to get a steel Wok instead.

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  1. A concave bottom wok is not the best choice for your stovetop, I see wok slippage and sliding around in your future, as well as some difficulty getting the wok really hot. I'd get a flat bottom and forget about the ring. Rings and round woks are meant for gas burners, although I use a flat bottom and no ring on my gas stovetop, personal preference. A flat bottom on the wok will give you better burner contact and faster heating ability.

    Here's a few past links on the wok shape and material subject:

    Comments on type of wok materials; when you wrote "steel wok" I assume you meant carbon steel?

    Good luck with your new wok.

    1. To answer your answer first, yes, you CAN use a wok with a wok ring on an electric stove, but it is not optimal. Usually, if you can afford a round bottom wok, then it is better, say a propane burner, but a flat bottom wok is better for a flat bottom stove. This is because a flat bottom wok sitting directly on the stove captures the heat better than round bottom wok on a wok ring can. The wok ring will lift the wok about an inch above the stove and that will significantlly reduce the heat transfer to the wok.

      You can get flat bottom steel (carbon steel) wok very easily. It is a bit tougher to get a flat bottom cast iron wok, but even then it is not impossible.

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          The better question which you should ask is:

          "Can you ever disagree with me?"


          Yes, I agree with you. The biggest challenge for a wok on a home stove is thermal heat, so a flat bottom wok is better.

      1. I use my wok ring on my smooth top electric cook top. I use it LARGE side up so the wok gets closer to the heat with electric, but when I had a gas stove, I used it the other way around (large side down for stability). It works both ways, but I am looking for a smaller flat bottom bottom wok for times when I just cook for two.