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Oct 31, 2010 09:16 PM

JanPrimus- Today I stumbled across your project through your profile and want to know what happened to such a great idea! Chowhound is great, but I do believe Detroit deserves its own forum. I have always wished that Detroit had something akin to Chicago's

So what has happened with your project? Has there just been no interest or do people prefer chowhound's platform??

(I apologize if talking about other message boards is against chowhound rules)

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  1. Work happened. It was something I was doing while unemployed and was a bit more desperate. It was never meant to replace Chow in any means. I wanted a Michigan centric sight that dealt with mainly keeping our food and money local. Now that I have a job that is taking 60-70 hours of my time a week I barely have time to do much else. No one with the technical know how ever stepped up to help in the areas that needed help and I never really got further than it is now. If you know anyone willing or wanting to work on the project please let me know.

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      You may want to look into Gourmet Underground Detroit. There is a google group and a website. Just google that name and you should find it since they would take down the website if I listed it. The website is currently adding a forum where people can post anything about restuarants, meals, recipes, Detroit area happenings, homemade foodstuff, businesses, etc. The Google group acts as the forum currently. Check it out!