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Oct 31, 2010 07:23 PM

Stonerose in Conshohocken

I've passed Stonerose a number of times recently and am wondering if anyone's been there and can give me a "trip report"? I'm thinking that it might be a good spot to meet a friend of mine since it's just about the midpoint between our homes.

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  1. Conshohocken is the midpoint for me and a friend who meet once a month for dinner. We thought that we had finally found a decent place to meet after our first trip to Stone Rose. Our server was very excited for us to try everything on the menu and we were happy with all of her suggestions. Our water and drink glasses were never empty. Unfortunately that was not the case the second time we visited. I arrived a bit earlier than my friend and was told my the hostess that our server would be over to take a drink order while I waited. After 10 minutes, I asked the hostess to find my server as I would like to order a drink. There was a handful of staff running around frantic looking to not be doing much of anything. After another 10 minutes, and no server my friend arrived. We waited another 10 minutes after 2 visits from the hostess (why she didn't take our drink order I don't know). Finally a server appeared. I ordered a kir royale (sparkling wine & chambord) and my friend ordered a glass of wine. The server had no idea what I was ordering and continued to refer to it as campari and some other word that we couldn't quite understand. I told him exactly what was in it and her returned to the bar. I could see that neither bartender had any idea what our server was talking about so I got up and went to the bar. After explaining the drink, they told me they didn’t carry any time of raspberry liqueur. So I questioned how I could have had a french martini during my last visit if they didn’t have any raspberry liqueur. That's when they started to present a bit of an attitude with me. At this point I was aggravated so I just ordered what my friend was drinking. During all of this, there appeared to be a management type person standing with his hands in his pockets at the end of the bar and offering no help. We eventually ordered food - some new items and a few repeats from our last visit. We were seated at a 2-seat hightop near the bar and asked for our food to be coursed so all of our plates didn't show up at once. Apparently our server did not understand what that meant and had everything from a cheese plate to a pasta dish sent out at once. We sat with empty water and drink glasses on several occasions. At the end of the meal, we asked to see a manager and was told one was not available. I think by the end we received one apology and my wine was comped. It just isn't enough to make us want to go back any time soon or many others that I know that have tried the restaurant either. It's a shame because there aren't too many other options in the area.

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      Wow! After reading the website this is the last thing I would have expected to hear. Sounds like we should keep looking for a "half-way" meeting place. Thanks, jl0328!

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        I am sorry that jl0328 experienced bad service at The Stone Rose. I have been there three times and each time the service was wonderful, as well as the food. The Short Rib Mac & Cheese is very good and I would also recommend their Scallop dish. If you would prefer to try another place, one of my favorite restaurants in Conshy is The Fayette Grille. Three courses for $34 can't be beat IMO. It's a BYOB so you get to pick your own wine to share. Pepperoncini's also has a great menu, wine and beer list, so there are three for you to consider.

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          Well, one bad, one good. I guess we'll give it a shot and see if we can break the tie. I'll post after our lunch there later this week.

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            I hope you have one of the better experiences! Looking forward to hearing your review.

            Since the options are so limited in the area we may try it again, but probably not for another couple months. We had planned to try the Gypsy Saloon last month, but there was a charity event going on so they sent us to their sister restaurant, Stella Blu. We though it was just ok - service and food weren't great but not horrible either. They do have a pretty decent happy hour deal at the bar. I think it's 1/2 price small plates and some drink specials. Maybe we would have liked it more if we had only paid $9 (versus $18) for mediocre lobster mac & cheese.

            I'm researching now for our November dinner. We've been to the Fayette Street Grille and it is definitely worth $34. Looking for somewhere new...

          2. re: curly girl

            +1 on Fayette Street Grille, and Blackfish is amazing (though pricier and also BYO)

            1. re: JKP58

              Glad you agree with my Fayette St. Grille review. Have never tried Blackfish, but it's on my "bucket list" They recently dropped off lunch menus at our Conshy office with 10% off coupons for lunch only . The entrees look good and are fairly priced. There is also a new Meditteranean tapas restaurant that just opened on Elm St. but I don't recall the name. Have heard good reviews so far.

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          fyi to jlo328--a kir royale is traditionally sparkling wine and creme de cassis, which is a blackberry liquer (though your version sounds quite good). Perhaps that was part of the problem? (I haven't been to Stonerose--just speculating. )

          1. re: vicarious

            Thanks vicarious-I tried to explain the traditional drink to them & then tried to make it simple. I forgot to add they wanted to serve me something with razzmatazz in it!?!? No one really knew what was going on..just an all round unfortunate dining experience...luckily I've had plenty of great ones since :)

        3. I have to say, I am shocked by the poster w a bad experience. Stone Rose and Spring Mill cafe are two of my favorite restaurants around (not just here)..If your looking for a hip (albeit sometimes not very quiet) place with amazing food, you should try Stone Rose..It sounds like the one poster didnt even know what was in her own drink, so it might be worth a try...I have been there probably close to a dozen times and would say 10+ have been wonderful evenings..Cheese tray, scallops, rock fish, burger, and short ribs (warning the short ribs are very rich and heavy) are all excellent..I would give the service a 8/10 and they are always extemely polite and friendly (Sometimes too much, i like service that is not noticed). I think its fairly new, so maybe there were some glitches a few times I was there, but nothing out of the ordinary or close to the one poster..I think for this town Stone Rose, Spring Mill, and Blackfish are the only serious food places.. You can get a good meal at Gypsy, Stella, Pepperincini and Fayette St grill, but they are more standard, but nice.. Isabellas is a new place, ive only tried once, but has promise I think...Wine list at Stone Rose is also extremely good. tap selection for beers is not that expansive, but some decent stuff. Good Luck!