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Oct 31, 2010 06:52 PM

Savannah Lunch

I am going to be visiting at Savannah Memorial Hospital. Anything worthwhile for lunch nearby? Historic district probably too far.

Nothing fancy; prefer local/ low country Q, just had Pink Pig in Hardeeville..which I always enjoy.


Pink Pig
Highway 170A, Hardeeville, SC 29927

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  1. The restaurants near Memorial tend to be take-out or quick lunch places. Barnes is a sit-down restaurant with several fried seafood options. No alcohol. Good sweet tea.

    Down Waters a few blocks further is the Exchange Tavern, with food and ambiance a notch up from Barnes.

    Exchange Tavern & Restaurant
    6710 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31406

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    1. re: savdoug

      Thx much!

      I think I saw Barnes but Exchange sounds perfect.

      Saves me anther trip to Bojangles..:) which I don't think is a bad chain but I usually hit them at Charlotte Airport on the trip down..

    2. Kasey's Gourmet Grille is a good choice open for lunch and dinner on Waters W of the Hospital. Their 3 course lunch specials for $25.00 are reasonable.

      Kasey's Gourmet Grille @ 4829 Waters Avenue, Savannah, GA 912 - 355 - 9250.

      Kasey's Gourmet Grille
      4829 Waters Ave, Savannah, GA 31404

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      1. re: Littleman

        Thx..1 of the nurses mentioned Kasey's and we saw it but never made it out for a meal today.

        She also recommended Soul Food Cafe???..around 40th St and Bull. I may have the name wrong cuz I can't find anything online but we'll track it down if we have the time.

        1. re: 9lives

          I had the name wrong. The nurse double checked with her husband; who she said is really into food.

          The correct name is Neighborhood Soulfood...912 234 5081,,,MLK and 42nd, just N of Victory.

          I won't be able to make itthis trip but maybe a good tip for Savannahans?? or visitors who want to explore beyond the better known places.

          Can't find any info online but that could be a good thing, maybe a real locals spot?

          Thx again for the ideas but we did our eating in HH to avoid an hour drive AFTER dinner.