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A day in NYC, Carnegie deli, Wicked, and Indian w/kids

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I think I've got our plan down, but just in case. We are down in the area from VT for a few days. I grew up down here so I'm used to the area, hype, and tourists. We choose the Carnegie for lunch because my wife loves the atmosphere, I love the cheesecake and blintzes, and my kids have alot to choose from. The Indian is a bit more problematic. My son has finally come around to Indian food as long as it's tandori chicken. So no vegetarian. We have been to Brick Lane and really enjoyed it. It was exactly at our price point. We may be back down there for dinner if we want to go to the amazing vintage clothes shop in the area (my sixteen year old daughter is addicted) If not we are thinking of staying around mid town and going to Chola. I would love to do Devi, but a bit too much $ and a bit too stuffy for the kids. Curry Leaf also came to mind. If we change our minds about Indian I would love to find a Chinese place with good Dan Dan noodles and over the top atmosphere. Am I missing any suggestions?
Thanks for the help!

232 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022

Curry Leaf
99 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

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  1. Carnegie always has a long line...especially on the weekends
    Be prepared to wait for over an hour

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      Went to Carnegie the other day and could not have been less impressed. Live around the corner but do not go here often. The server simply not interested in helping us . The pastrami was pretty bad as well - not just not great - if that makes sense. Would def look elsewhere if possible.

    2. another good indian choice would be dhaba