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Thanksgiving dinner out in Dallas -- best choice?

Three of us will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving. I am seemingly incapable of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for fewer than 10 people, and experience has taught me that going out is best when the group is small. So, where would you go for Thanksgiving dinner in Dallas? Cost is not an issue, as we like to do this dinner right. Would love your suggestions and previous experiences. TIA!

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  1. I've always had good luck at Lawry's for Thanksgiving. Very festive, family friendly and, the food is great! Reserve early because they are usually booked up well in advance of the holiday.

    1. An addendum to my question -- which Dallas hotel restaurant has the best Thanksgiving dinner? We're open to either a plated multi-course meal or a huge buffet. Again, price isn't a thing. Where would you go?

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        I think any of the better hotels would have a good buffet including the Fairmont and the Intercontinental in Addison.

        Just be aware that these places are frenzied on the big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Lots of families with lots of kids.

        I think you'd have a better dining experience if you went to a restaurant.

      2. We've done the hotel buffet thing and found it to be just as Scagnetti described it. Frenzied!
        But, the better hotels in town such as the Mansion, Ritz-Carleton, Fairmont, and the Four Seasons, etc. could work for you.

        1. Here is a list of restaurants as Id'd to OpenTable.

          1. All good points! Thanks so much everyone...I'm off to Open Table.

            1. That "Open Table" website looks good. I've bookmarked it for future reference.
              Btw, my Thanksgiving suggestion above, Lawry's is on their list.

              1. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts! After perusing the Open Table choice, we've decided to have Thanksgiving with Nana. I'm very excited to report back!

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                  Excellent choice. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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                    Good choice, you won't regret it.

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                      Just looked at that menu and I think that may be plan for Thanksgiving. It will just be me and I was planning on "splurging" on a bunch of different items I normally don't buy and try some interesting recipes. I think spending the $45 for that menu will be better than me all around. I can really enjoy myself, my kitchen will stay clean, and I won't have to figure out where to put all the leftovers.

                      Last year Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's were a disaster, and I've promised myself that this year will be better. Thanksgiving last year was at bf's parents, no turkey, nothing really edible, and Whataburger napkins and condiments from other fast food places (that was in another post). Christmas wasn't any better, had a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, I didn't cook anything special for Christmas Eve since I thought we'd be home early from his parents on Christmas Day and then I could enjoy making a nice dinner. THAT didn't happen. New Year's Eve he acted like a jerk, we went to a movie, and although I had some really fun foods and of course a bottle of champagne, he didn't like any of it. Sometimes I like to hit Central Market and just try different cheeses, "prepared" stuff, a little of this, a little of that. I'll try something there and then decide if I want to make it from scratch.

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                        The vegetables are the only thing on the menu that don't do it for me. I'm thinking a little of the main and a lot of the apps and desserts! I've never eaten here, but it gets very good reviews. I'm looking forward to it.

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                          did the red cabbage put you off? I'm really hoping it is something like the sauerkraut that accompanied my childhood meals of turkey with dumplings and sauerkraut. My mother would alternate between the sauerkraut and sweet & sour cabbage. Always had to have lots of caraway seeds either way.

                          I've also never eaten at Bistro Louise, but I think I need to get out and try it. I don't have anyone to dine with, so I guess I'm stuck with buffets. I like to sample a lot of different dishes and I guess a buffet is the best way to do it.

                          Bistro Louise
                          2900 S Hulen St Ste 40, Fort Worth, TX 76109

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                            I am guessing it's sweet and sour cabbage. It's a common dish with meats in both Germany and the alcance lorraine region of France

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                              If the red cabbage is a deal breaker, I'd call and ask.

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                                If you're there around 1:00 I'll look for you.

                                No, the red cabbage is the more interesting of the group. The others just seem to lack creativity.

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                                  Well, now I've had a change of plans. I moved my horses on Saturday and the couple and their daughter who manage the ranch invited me to have dinner with them. They are living in a tiny barn apartment there and have no friends or family here. I've invited them here and we can all cook together. They already have a turkey and frankly I'm intimidated cooking a turkey for total strangers since I haven't cooked one in over 20 years. I think we will have a really fun day! We will have plenty of room to cook and eat and visit, watch tv or maybe go to a movie after dinner.

                                  I'd like her to give me a complete list of ingredients so I can be sure to have everything on hand. I'll be her "sous chef" and probably make a few dishes of my own.

                                  For the first time in many years I'm actually looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

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                                      You can't even realize how much this means to me!!! Thanks, twinwillow!!!

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                            We had Thanksgiving at Craft in NYC a few years ago...it was wonderful!

                          2. We will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving and want to go out. My husband has eclectic tastes, I am very allergic to dairy and my son is really picky and will eat mac and cheese or pizza. What is the best place to go? Also, my husband wants turkey and all the sides. If we go to a buffet I'm sure they will have cream, milk or butter in most or all of them and I'l be really disappointed.

                            Suggestions?? I thought about Chinese, Middle Eastern or Japanese which always have great selections but my husband would like turkey.

                            We don't want the stampede effect either. :D

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                              It may just be a good idea to fast that day.

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                                Kalachandji's serves many vegan items and will have a Thanksgiving feast that I believe is 15 dollars.