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Oct 31, 2010 06:36 PM

Thanksgiving dinner out in Dallas -- best choice?

Three of us will be in Dallas for Thanksgiving. I am seemingly incapable of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for fewer than 10 people, and experience has taught me that going out is best when the group is small. So, where would you go for Thanksgiving dinner in Dallas? Cost is not an issue, as we like to do this dinner right. Would love your suggestions and previous experiences. TIA!

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  1. I've always had good luck at Lawry's for Thanksgiving. Very festive, family friendly and, the food is great! Reserve early because they are usually booked up well in advance of the holiday.

    1. An addendum to my question -- which Dallas hotel restaurant has the best Thanksgiving dinner? We're open to either a plated multi-course meal or a huge buffet. Again, price isn't a thing. Where would you go?

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        I think any of the better hotels would have a good buffet including the Fairmont and the Intercontinental in Addison.

        Just be aware that these places are frenzied on the big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Lots of families with lots of kids.

        I think you'd have a better dining experience if you went to a restaurant.

      2. We've done the hotel buffet thing and found it to be just as Scagnetti described it. Frenzied!
        But, the better hotels in town such as the Mansion, Ritz-Carleton, Fairmont, and the Four Seasons, etc. could work for you.

        1. Here is a list of restaurants as Id'd to OpenTable.

          1. All good points! Thanks so much everyone...I'm off to Open Table.