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Oct 31, 2010 06:25 PM


Looking for a nice (moderate) place to eat after Donmar Warehouse around 9:15P on a weeknight. Indian, Japanese, Tapas. Any suggestions?

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  1. Before we saw a play at the Donmar recently, we had lunch at Dishoom, a new Bengali-style cafe place (or so they say.. I can't comment on the authenticity). I enjoyed some of the dishes I've eaten there and it's only about a five minute walk from the theatre.

    1. Where to start?! You've got too many options to list in Chinatown. Dishoom (as mentioned). Then there's Frith Street with Koya (Japanese), Barrafina (tapas), or even the £19 3 course set menu at Arbutus (fine-dining). There's bound to be a lot of gems I'm not even thinking about.

      1. Forgot to mention that we had an exceptionally good dinner at Haozhan in Chinatown recently. Some visiting friends from NY were impressed with the varied menu and quality.