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Oct 31, 2010 06:23 PM

Gobble Gobble-Need Source for fully cooked Kosher turkey for a Brooklyn Thanksgiving.

Are there any sources of a fully cooked kosher turkey in Brooklyn. I know the delis sell them but we were disappointed with them the two times we tried them and they were very expensive too. We are in the Sheepshead Bay area but have car-will travel. Thanks.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I've seen fully cooked turkeys in the takeout section of Pomegranate for sale carved by the pound. I believe it was something like $23.99/lb. Maybe try calling them and checking if they'll be preparing any for Thanksgiving or if you could reserve a whole one.

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        1. re: cheesecake17

          So if my math is right a 14 pound bird that goes raw for $28 would cost $336 at Pomegranate. I think you will find hundreds of people who would cook one for you for a fraction of that.

          1. re: MartyB

            if Costco get those $1.79 a lb turkeys again 1.79 X 14-15 lbs = $26 or $27 add in a Reynolds brown in Bag and the cost of cooking. the ease it is to cook a turkey I don't know why one would buy a cooked turkey.

            1. re: berel

              I can imagine lots of reasons why. Elderly people who can't handle something that heavy. People living in a small apartment without a full-size oven. People who otherwise keep a vegetarian/milchig kitchen.

              1. re: DeisCane

                I know several elderly people who would shell out anything for a perfectly cooked turkey if it would mean having the whole family together on Thanksgiving. Husband's grandparents would never be able to cook a turkey- it's too heavy and unwieldly to purchase, carry home, prepare, and cook.

                1. re: cheesecake17

                  at that point it's time for Zaydee & Bubby to go the kids

                  1. re: berel

                    Maybe zayde and bubby live in the most central location...or have the biggest dining room...or have the most bedrooms for sleepovers...

                    1. re: DeisCane

                      it's funny.. the older they get the more they want all the kids and grandkids over. If Thanksgiving were to take place at one of the kids houses, someone would always have an excuse not to go. But no one would ever not show up at grandparents.

                      Thanksgiving is also a great time for the whole family to get together- it's a not a chag which means driving and all is ok, it's a day off for everyone, and it's just a relatively quiet day. If they want to buy a turkey and have the family over, I say why not... it's once a year!

                      1. re: DeisCane

                        Maybe one of the kids could roast the turkey, wrap well to insulate, and bring to Bubby and Zaddy's. I've done this when my parents could not. There are memories to be made for everyone, including the grandkids. Try it.

                      2. re: berel

                        Maybe the kids don't have a kosher home. This year we are attending Thanksgiving at a family member who does not keep Kosher. To accomodate certain family members, they are ordering everything fully cooked from a kosher purveyor, buying and using new plates, glasses, cutlery, serving pieces, tablecloths. They are cleaning the ovens (auto setting) and heating everything double wrapped. It will cost them big money to host, but will make the entire family able to be together for Thanksgiving for the first time in 24 years. Jewish holidays don't work, as more than a couple of family members are pulpit rabbis who 'work' all Jewish holidays.

                        1. re: bagelman01

                          If they are double wrapping everything, why are they bothering to clean the ovens? The question stands in the vice versa form, as well.

                  2. re: berel

                    Just why did Costco stop carrying turkeys? Right now the cheapest one that I have seen was Brach's with $1.99/lb. You are right, nothing easier than making a turkey - and I hardly cook, but I would cook a turkey.

                    Goodness! Over $300 for turkey! Simply amazing!

                    1. re: MartyB

                      probably not that much demand for Turkeys after Nov/Dec. I'm hoping they stock them in the next couple of weeks. $1.99 isn' t too bad either

                      1. re: berel

                        Just came from Costco. - I was disappointed, they were charging $2.19/lb. Last price was $1.79/lb – big increase - so I went to Brachs and bought a 20lb bird for $40 ($1.99/lb). I was afraid if I wait too long they will raise the price or run out of it.

                        1. re: MartyB

                          Sometimes it's cheaper to live out of town. I was visiting my sister in Massachusetts Wecnesday and stopped in Shaw's Supermarket (we used to have them in Connecticut, but they all closed last May).
                          In the freezer case they had Empire whole turkeys, turkey breasts and whole roasting chicken. All were 99 cents per pound. Needless to say I loaded the car with enouh to fill my freezer.

                  3. re: MartyB

                    A 14 pound raw bird will not weigh 14 pounds cooked. Also, if you are buying carved turkey then you are only paying for meat. That 14 pound turkey has a lot of bone that you're paying for at $2/pound. I'd guess a 14 pound raw turkey probably yields ~4 pounds of cooked meat. So, that $28 raw turkey costs $96 cooked and carved. That's still expensive, but the markup isn't unreasonable.

                    1. re: MartyB

                      I wasn't saying how much it would cost to buy it whole- rather fully carved. Maybe they will be special ordering whole turkeys for Thanksgiving or it would be possible to buy a whole turkey at a lower price than a carved one. And I mentioned Pomegranate because their takeout food is (in my opinion) of a higher quality than most other places I've been to.

                      Lots of people can/won't cook a turkey. Just because you and I think it's relatively simple there are so many people who just cannot or will not cook a turkey.

                      1. re: MartyB

                        Your math is not right at all. Turkey has bones, skin, etc. You don't get anywhere near 14 pounds of meat from a 14 pound bird. When you buy carved turkey by the pound, you are getting only edible meat (unless you are specifically requesting a drumstick on the bone, maybe), so there's no way you'd need anywhere near 14 pounds of carved meat to serve the same number of people that you would buy a raw 14 pound turkey for.

                        1. re: queenscook

                          Full turkey: 1-1.3 pounds per person
                          Turkey meat: 1/3-1/2 pound per person

                          Depending on how much you want in terms of leftovers.

                    2. I know that Long Island may be a trip, but Zahn's in Bethpage is fabulous! I feel it would be worth the trip.

                      Have a great holiday!

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                      1. re: kpirontibhci

                        I can't find a Zahns in Bethpage, although there's a Zan's in Lake Grove, about 30 miles from there. Is that what you meant?

                        1. re: GilaB

                          Zahn's is a non-kosher BBQ poultry place with 3 or 4 locations in Long Island.,

                          Different from Zan's kosher deli, which as I recall was originally sort of a franchise of Ben's.

                        2. re: kpirontibhci

                          If we are talking Long Island, I know last year Brach's had a thanksgiving dinner special of a full meal with a whole turkey and all the trimmings. I don't remember how many it feed or how much it was but that may be the way to go. I will post the details when I see them advertise.

                        3. I just saw that Pomengranate is having a $100 16-20 lb turkey for Thanksgiving along with gravy. Yes, it's not cheap but takeout/prepared kosher food IS expensive. I recommend Pomengranate as we think they have the best take out in Brooklyn. I buy 1/4 to 1/2 lb of their fresh turkey every week and it's not dried out or full of preservatives like the regular deli turkey.
                 scroll down for the turkey only deal