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Lebanon, NH Area- 2 Nights

Hi All,

I will be staying in Lebanon this Thursday and Friday while visting the Dartmouth Medical Center and am looking for area recommendations.

Ideally, something pretty laid back that offers some veggie or seafood options if possible. Another thing that would be great to find out if there were any area brewpubs that may fit the bill. If not, somewhere offering the local craft beer would be solid. Something unique or interesting would be helpful- hounds usually point me in the right direction and from never having been in the area, I am more than game for many ideas.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Seven Barrel is there, but it doesn't seem to get the greatest reviews on Yelp or the beer sites...I've never been and have only recently heard of them at all. I do recommend seeking out White Birch Brewery beer. It's a small brewery and the beer is incredibly well-crafted. And interesting! Check their website for store locations in Lebanon.


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      I'll have to say that White Birch has made some interesting and good brews, and some terrible ones as well. They don't seem to have decent quality control in place yet.

    2. Norwich Inn/Jasper Murdoch's Alehouse up in Norwich, VT is my recommendation. Nice craft beer, and the pub is nicely laid back (the dining is pretty formal, though).

      Seven Barrel has decent beer, but the food is on the, umm, grittier end of pub grub.

      1. Are you willing to travel? Long Trail is my favorite beer in the area. You can get a flight and try 5 beers. The ale is my favorite but they'll have everything thing from a pale ale to a dark brew. It is located in Bridgewater, VT on route 4 about 25 miles west of Lebanon. They offer a tasty (though I'm not a fan of their "famous" chili) lunch (free popcorn!) including a veg option. Harpoon Brewery is located on route 5 in Windsor, VT. It's been a few years since I've been there but they also used to offer a flight and lunches as well. As for non-pub options nearer to Lebanon. As always, the wonderful Tip Top in White River Junction, VT serves great food and always has a veg option.

        Tip Top Cafe
        85 N Main St Ste 100, White River Junction, VT 05001

        1. In White River, TipTop is great. If you can get to Hanover, Canoe Club is nice as well. I don't know beers, but these are good food options!

          Canoe Club
          27 S Main St, Hanover, NH 03755

          1. Great information so thank you all. I head up that way tomorrow so this is more then helpful.

            I did not realize that VT was so close and I am very familiar with the Long Trail beers so this is surely a viable option if they offer good food as well. I have been to Harpoon brewery in MA but never the VT one.

            Some interesting options indeed. Please let me know if there is something I may be missing to enjoy.

            1. For steaks, seafood, poultry, excellent local organic veggie Salad Bar, try Jesse's, across the street from DHMC. For breakfast or lunch, try The Fort, just down the street from the Medical Center. See wwww.yelp.com for details. Lou's in Hanover is another breakfast/lunch institution. Canoe Club is good. Ramunto's Pizza in Hanover is not bad for pizza (in northern NH).

              Seven Barrel is awful!

              Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT is excellent (take a walk through Woodstock, VT and the Woodstock INN).

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                If you do get into Woodstock and the Woodstock Inn, I think their restaurant, The Red Rooster does a very nice lunch...good variety, fresh. But don't order the grilled cheese sandwich...you will finish your lunch while everybody else is still eating and walk away hungry.

              2. Wanted to report back from my one-man quick trip up there.

                It went well.
                Made the trip into VT and went to the Harpoon brewpub for the tour and bar which was great. Dinner for the two nights were Gustavo's Mexican (sp?) and Prince and Pauper out in VT.

                Wasn't too enthused about Prince and Pauper though. Little pompous I thought and somewhat overpriced. Service was decent but a bit of a place that seemed to be trying too hard.

                Prince and Pauper Restaurant
                24 Elm St Ste 1, Woodstock, VT 05091

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                  I don't get "it" about the Prince and the Pauper, affectionately called the "P & P" by local admirers. People who live here seem to like it. Either that, or it is one of the few places in Woodstock where people can go to see others and to be seen. Although there is really nothing wrong with the food I think it is mediocre and overpriced.

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                    We've been eating and drinking at "P&P" for many ,many years now.
                    We always eat at the bar and we've never been disappointed with the fine bartenders(one who has been there for many,many years now) who run that part of the restaurant.
                    There is usually a friendly crowd of locals to talk to who have treated us well and shared their local knowledge with us over the years.
                    We find the bar food very good and the dinners very good also.
                    Are there better places to eat?---maybe ,but when you combine the quality food with the ambiance of the bar and add the usual fine group of locals who frequent their bar this all adds to the eating experience and makes "P & P" one of the best places in the area IMO.

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                    Gusanoz is the place you are thinking of, pretty much the only vaguely real Mexican place around here. Which I rather like the food there, but I've had so many tragically bad service experiences there that I tend not to go there unless I'm really craving something like Carnitas (which they do rather well, actually). And I've completely given up trying to ever go there during lunch, since I can't afford a 2 hour lunch.

                    Odd owners, though. Instead of focusing on what they do well and fixing the service problems, they come up with some odd ideas (running an ice cream store, selling In-n-Out knockoff burgers out of the back of the restaurant, etc....).

                  3. I do not want to hijack this thread, but can anyone recommend a good Thai/Chinese takeout place in the Lebanon/Hanover area?

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                      In Hanover, the Orient is a good Chinese place, the best in the area. The Peking Tokyo in Lebanon is also pretty good. There is a Thai place in Hanover, but the food is only so-so. Unfortunately, no other Thai places in the area. Another option might be Yama, which is a very good Korean & sushi place. They have restaurants in Hanover and West Lebanon. If your willing to drive a little, there is an excellent Cambodian place in Woodstock Vt - the Ankgor Wat - it's a tiny mom & pop place.

                      Yama Restaurant
                      96 Main St, West Lebanon, NH 03784