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Oct 31, 2010 05:40 PM

how often do you have to use your wok. cleaning safety.

I have 2 related questions about using a wok.

Do you have to use it consistently, and if not, will the surface become rancid?

Say I use it frequently for a month, but then don't touch it for 2 weeks. Because no soap is used, will the surface oils spoil? It seems like you would have to use it really frequently to keep the surface fresh.

It seems like there would be bacteria build up. only so much can be done with water and a stiff brush.


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  1. Preheating your wok on high before using will kill any bacteria that has formed if any.

    1. I'm thinking, if you want to pour out the oil, you could probably just quickly re-season it on high heat with some fresh oil for a couple minutes. And yes, the smoking heat from preheating the wok should be hot enough to kill any germs on the surface.

      1. "but then don't touch it for 2 weeks"

        It is fine. If you are really concern, you can wash it before use or bring it on high heat as other suggested.

        1. Don't fuss over it. Rinse it really well, wipe off all solid particles and make sure it's dry when stored. Pre heating the wok will keep it sanitary each time. Sort of like a grill.

          1. thanks for the info! for some reason i just imagine a wok full of botulism.