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Bulk Cheesecloth?

I was surprised to see how much cheesecloth cost at the grocery store. Does anyone know where I can find bulk cheesecloth at a good price.

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  1. We were having this exact conversation in our household last night as we were dragging out any old coffee filters we could find to filter stock. Please let me know what you find!

    I think Fante's might be a good spot, but I can't actually recall what they sell in terms of cheesecloth.

    1. Don't know the specifics but the restaurant supply store at Passyunk & Bainbridge should have it at a good price.

      1. How strange...was just having this conversation with a friend a few weeks ago. She claims you can get cheesecloth at a place like Joanne Fabrics (she's a big sewer), or at a paint store. It is really expensive at the grocery store. I'd be curious to see what other suggestions are.

        1. I don't know the price difference, but I recall buying cheesecloth at Sears and, if I remember correctly, my brother mentioned getting it at Home Depot.

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            huh: http://tinyurl.com/2fh3e5d looks like home depot carries it. any reason why tile polishing cheese cloth wouldn't be food safe?

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              I will respond to my own response, it looks like the primary difference is the grade of the cheesecloth. Home Depot sells a more open weave and grocery stores sell a denser weave (which might have some correlation to the price of the product).

          2. The Restaurant Depot in Manayunk or South Philly if you have a restaurant/food business license. If not, if you know any chefs, ask them to pick it up.

            1. Buy at Joann Fabrics- they always have a printable 40% coupon. My mother used cheesecloth all the time in the kitchen for her Asian "bouquet garnis" of dried anchovy and hot pepper and for straining and squeezing when making homemade tofu (much like making cheese). Tightness of weave doesn't really matter, just double or triple until you get desired strength. Use the above coupon to buy in bulk cheaply then throw away. If not sure of hygenic conditions of fabric (All kinds of crap applied to keep "fresh" in warehouse until sold) just soak in boiling water then dry. Our unlimited cheesecloth came from the chemistry lab where my dad worked.

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                Yeah, so I guess we'd just have to make sure that if we need three times (to triple layer it) as much that it's not equivalent of buying grocery store cheesecloth (price-wise).

              2. Oh yeah, for light duty in a pinch, use sterile gauze strips/pads/rolls from first aid supplies.