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Oct 31, 2010 04:10 PM

Puerto Vallarta - Mid-day meal recommendations needed

Love all the recommendations for PV but when I track them down I find most are open only in the evenings and our one day stay will only allow for a mid-day meal. And on a Monday no less, which is making this even harder. Would prefer something in the Zona Romantica.

Any suggestions for something special like Red Cabbage or El Arryan, but open mid day? On Monday. Thanks.

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  1. I wouldnt bother with Red Cabbage, it's very overrated these days. Directly on the beach is La Palapa, a first rate restaurant with great food and decor. Very highly rated by everyone for many years, and open all day. At this time of year you won't need a reservation.

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    1. re: robt5265

      I have seen this in several guide books. Do locals go there too? What do you think are their best dishes? Thanks.

      1. re: glbtrtr

        yes locals go there, it's a special occasion sort of place if you live there as I did. Red Cabbage is a very overpriced tourist trap, but because it's 'off the beaten path' people fall for it. You would do much better for your money at any number of places.

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          Please, what other places are you recommending in PV - open at mid-day from your experience living there? Thanks. (Walkable from downtown area)

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            Regarding El Repollo Rojo, I'm not sure it's a widely held view that this is a tourist trap. We dined there a few years ago and I thought the food was carefully prepared and authentic. Service was authentic, too, meaning pretty leisurely. Plus, to the best of my knowledge this remains a family business by a long-time PV resident. Be interested to hear if others feel the same as Robt5265.

      2. If you want something very special, go to Le Kliff, it's a cab ride, or a bus ride from the Zona Romantica.

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          Thank you - an interesting site but will want to stay in walking distance to town that day. Now trying to decide between Barcelona Tapas and La Palapa - what a nice problem, eh? We don't mind walking all around and both will be part of what we want to see in town, plus our requisite visit to Galeria Indigena.

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            I hope you did note that Barcelona Tapas is at the top of some 70 or so steps.

            1. re: mexivilla

              Saw that warning about the steps, but that is okay with us. Thank you. We have actually wandered that area already on our last walking trips through town looking for the old Four Winds hotel (Chez Elena restaurant - only open later) which I had remembered from a visit decades ago.

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                The 70 steps at Barcelona Tapas are rambling. I use a cane and don't mind the effort one bit. We live about 2.5 hours up the hill from Puerto Vallarta and visit the area 5ish times per year. We wouldn't miss the BT experience for anything!

          2. For mid-day (not necessarily on Monday), I recommend Gaby's, not sure what days they are closed (on the same street as the cathedral, a few blocks north), Marisma's Fish Tacos, open 7 days a week (the marina) and Los Gallos (Avenida Fluvial) not open on Monday. These restaurants serve typical Mexican fare, a cut above average, at reasonable prices.


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            1. re: Kathleen is Cooking in Mexico

              I have been going to PV for the last ten years. I have tried to go to the Red Cabbage, but never found it to be open at lunch, and tried but never got it together to get in at night. We went to Arrayan, but were underwhelmed. From what I have heard, have never even wanted to try La Palapa, for lunch or dinner. I have never had good luck with "high end" restos there, but lots of good, although not fancy places for lunch. Joes's Fish Shack, in old town is one of our favourites. Try to sit upstairs, if you can. Their ceviche trio has always been outstanding, and we have liked everything else that we have had. They are famous for their fish and chips, and I'm sure it is good, but it's not what I am looking for, so haven't tried it. I have had a good meal or two years back at Daquiri Dicks, where you can be outside overlooking the ocean. If you want to go "down market" go the the Calamari Aventuroso, and have their shrimp tacos with beer, outstanding, and the first meal I will have there when I get there this Feb.

            2. Consider Vitea...sister to Trio...on the sea walk between Diaquiri Dick's, also a favorite, and the old malecon. We never miss having a meal at both several times a year. We also like Joe Jack's but it is not on the beach and if we had just one day thereabouts it would not be our choice for a special time. We luckily live up the hill about 2.5 hours and Puerto Vallarta is where we go when our taste buds hunger for a gourmet experience. Have fun!