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Oct 31, 2010 04:01 PM

Where to eat in Todos Santos, B.C.S.?

My family (me, husband and 11 year old) will be in Todos Santos next week. Any suggestiosn as to where to eat?

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  1. What's your budget?

    I recommend Cafe Santa Fe. It's delicious. They have outstanding handmade pasta. Also, the bread they give you is great. The atmosphere is really lovely. It's kind of pricey though. I seem to remember most of the entrees being in the $20 range.

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    1. OMG - there are soooo many options. Santa Fe is certainly the old guard of Todos but pricey. Definitely reliable but REALLY pricey. Will you be here for a Friday Saturday night? Michael's at the Gallery is re-opening next weekend and his food is very very good - far more interesting than Santa Fe. Hotelito serves terrific sushi and curries. Both of these are only open weekend dinners. Lunch - Zaguan, Miguels. Taco stands - Barajas, George, Sinaloa. Buena Vida or Il Giardino for pizza/iIalian.Let me know if yo want something specfific - I have lived in TS for nine years and am more than happy to help out. I can also tell you where not to go if you want.

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        Thanks Mariana! We arrive at Cabo airport around 1:30 this Saturday and the plan is to buy groceries on the way to T.S. We're staying in San Pedrito and will do some of our own cooking but will come into town for dinner I'm sure. Is Sante Fe the place with the nice cactus garden? I've walked by that place several times on my day trips from La Paz but have never eaten there....Mostly we're looking for good local/mexican food. Seafood/vegetarian preferred...Oh...and I'd love to know where not to eat too!

        1. re: kimlaree

          No the "nice cactus garden" is Los Adobes, Do NOT go there under any circumstances.
          Best local Mexican food is Miguel's. Santa Fe is the restaurant that put TS on the map. Across from the square - just down from the church., No question it is very good but oh so expensive. If you are only going to come to town for one dinner definitely go to Michael's but they are only open right now Friday & Saturday. Reservations recommendede. Also great sushi at Hotelito - Thurs Fri & Sat nights. Also - don't go to Zen Garden. Zaguan is a small place just down from the book store - lunch and dinner and very good seafood. Currently best taco stand is across from the school on the by-pass - first right when you come into town. Tacos George always good. Also very good seafood at the last place on the right on Juarez leaving town to La paz - the corner of Ocampo and Juarez - I think it's called El Cayuco. Do you know about Kayle's organic vegies? Mon, Wed Fri Sat 10:00 to 2:00 on Militar just before Marquez de Leon. there is also a Pescaderia right across the street.
          Let me know if you need or want anything else. Check our newsletter at

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            Forgot to mention La Esquina - favorite with locals for breakfast and lunch. Across from Casa Dracula in Otro Lado. Some like Cafelix but I have not been impressed.

            1. re: Mariana in Baja

              Thanks Mariana! I woudl have eaten at the "nice cactus place" too. I'll check out your newsletter and thanks for all the tips!

              1. re: kimlaree

                don't mean to hijack, but We will be heading to TS in December; I was wondering how the dining rooms at Hotel California and the new hotel Guaycura are.

                1. re: sweeterpea

                  Hotel CA is hit and miss - sometimes quite good but mostly mediocre. But visitors like the atmosphere. Maybe go for a margarita before dinner somewhere good. Do not - repeat DO NOT go to Guayacura unless you have buckets of money and low expectations. A friend and I had dinner there a while back - $150 for the two of us for mediocre food. that's U.S. dollars - not pesos.. No one - I mean no one who lives nearby goes there. The roof top deck has a lovely view but on the few occasions it is open a glass of wine is $10 U.S. I cannot stress how good Michael's at the Gallery is - yes, he is somewhat of a friend but this is such a small town everyone is a friend. You will likely need reservations in December and he will then be open Thursday as well as Friday and Saturday. Oh and by then Suki should be open - great atmosphere, great food. The other absolute must is Rancho Pescadero - again a friend but again when you live here most everyone is somewhere between friend and acquaintance. Rancho pescadero is stunning - go for Sunday brunch.

                2. re: kimlaree

                  Maybe go to Los Adobes for a drink and appies to see the garden. It used to be that the tour buses pulled up in front but even that seems to have stopped. Such a shame because when they first opened - different owners - it was soooo good. I wouldn't be surprised if they soon close. One of the original owners is now back at El Zaguan which I mentioned above - it was the second place they opened and it is simple but consistently good.

                  1. re: Mariana in Baja

                    Thanks, Mariana, that is very helpful. I think my cooking lesson is with the chef at Hotel California -- I hope it will be ok ..... Also, would the higher end restaurants such as Michael's or Santa Fe take credit cards?

                    1. re: sweeterpea

                      Ok, it seems my cooking class is with Ikeer Algori of Cafe Brown. Is this good or bad? ;o)

                      1. re: sweeterpea

                        Yes,the high-end restaurants take credit cards. Dany Lamote's cooking classes are fun (Hotel CA chef)

                        1. re: Mariana in Baja

                          I heard from a friend that goes down to Baja yearly that Dany is leaving as the owner of Hotel California has died? No one seems to know anything about Cafe Brown so I guess I will take my chances. I'll report back how things went.

                          1. re: sweeterpea

                            The "owner" of Hotel California, John Stewart, died On September 1st four years ago. He was actually the managing general partner.. His wife Debby Stewart is still with the hotel. Have not heard anything about Dany leaving.
                            Hmmmm Iker -- he is a very nice guy and I am sure you will enjoy your time with him. Cafe Brown was not much of a success - his food was just okay but he is not a good business man and it was in a terrible location with nothing to entice anyone to go there. Dany continues to offer cooking classes from time to time - I am not aware of any that are scheduled but if he does he will publish it in our newsletter:

              2. re: Mariana in Baja

                Thanks for all your help Mariana! We ate ate Barajas, Il Giardino and Zaguan and all were great! Have you tried Carlirtos in Pescadero? It opened last month.... It was out of this world! really - mybe the best place we ate!

                We also had drinks only at hotel california whcih was pretty nice......

                On a side note, well, we loved Pescadero so much that we are looking into buying property there! We saw some lots listed with Ricardo Amigo Real Estate that looked just like what we are in the market for. Do you know anything about this company?


                1. re: kimlaree

                  Yes, I have been to Carlitos - he has actually been open for several months. His food is definitely terrific but there is a bit of a problem with his "control" over his suggestions without prices.

                  Yes I am very familiar with Richie Amigo - not sure how to give you my personal email ad on this site without too much info out in the world. - hmmmm - I'll see if I can figure something out.

                  1. re: Mariana in Baja

                    Mariana - you can reach me directly at That way you don't have to post your info on the board.

              3. We've been to CSL every year for the last 15 with a handful of side trips..week or so in Todos and have always been pleased by Mariana's advice on Todos. We have a house rented near the beach in the Las Brisas area in Feb. We've stayed in that area before and love it.

                ! thing not yet mentioned is the fishing beach, not far from where you're staying. The fishermen will sell their catch to you. We've bought yellowtail, orata (a sea bass) , sierra mackeral and other things. A little Spanish is helpful but not necessary. I like to go out midAM with a surf rod and if I don''t get anything, buy a beautiful fish. Makes for a nice stay at home dinner. The boats start coming in about 2..and that's worth seeing too.


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                1. re: 9lives

                  Hey there 9lives, thanks for your compliments. - Where are you staying? I live in Las Brisas also. Do I dare mention our newsletter yet again - if there is anything going on locally we will have it - we now have 2800 subscribers.

                  1. re: Mariana in Baja

                    In the past we stayed at Casa Las Brisas near the entrance to the development. Erik, original owner from Los Adobes, x wife manged it.We found something online that's closer to the ocean; down past the grocery store.