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Oct 31, 2010 03:33 PM

Alameda Marketplace, Alameda: Feel Good Bakery; Farmstead Cheese/wine; Baron's Meat & Poultry; Alameda Natural Grocery report

Went to Feel Good Bakery because I had a 50% off coupon from EcoMetro Guide. It's in the Alameda Marketplace on Park St. They have a small parking lot in back, but I went up the street & turned so walked a bit - FREE street parking on Sundays. My inquiry here:

Everything looked pretty good. I got a bunch of stuff:

Cheese bread loaf $5 - Inside there's bit of cheddar cheese w/ jalapeno peppers- I liked it.

Wholey-Moley loaf $4.75 - you can get it with or without sunflower seeds. I got with. It's fine.

Parisian macarons $2 ea - I asked for 1 of each & got 6. One I tried was ok. I like Paulette's in SF better.

Chocolate Croissant $3 - will try tomorrow

Sticky bun $3 - small with lots of nuts on top. I liked it.

When I tried to use my 50% coupon, the girl said the maximum was $5. Wish they said so on the coupon! I ended up paying $20.75 instead of $25.75 though.

Credit cards taken.
Went to Baron's Meat & Poultry because I had a coupon from EcoGuide expiring 10/31/10. It's in the Alameda Marketplace where Feel Good Bakery, Alameda Natural Grocery is.

My coupon said Buy 1 handmade Sausage get 1 FREE. One worker said I could get 2 paid & 2 FREE. WOW!

I got 4 sausage: 2 Cheese & Parsley - (most popular, has pork in it); Merguese, & Italian for $3.70, that comes to .93c ea. Minimum for credit cards is $5 here, so I paid CASH!
Went to Farmstead Cheeses & Wine - had no coupon, but I love cheese. Wine & can do without. It's in the Alameda Marketplace same place as Feel Good Bakery & Alameda Natural Grocery.

I asked for recommendation on cheese with my Feel Good Bakery bread. He let me try:
Quebec Cheddar $18/lb - I liked it.
Brillat Savarin $25/lb - very creamy, like butter. Yummy.

Things I got:

Quebec Cheddar 0.29 lb - $5.22
Brillat Savarin 0.19lb - $4.75
Chestnut honey from Italy $12.50
Vosges Black Salt Caramel - this is NEW $8.50.

My total $30.97. Credit cards taken. I forgot to buy the 2 burrata I saw there. $3.50/ea - a small round ball.

Low cost wine tasting every Saturday from 2:30-5. Haven't tried - saw on Yelp.

Bathroom: outside their shop, down the hallway. Separate men/women's.
Went to Alameda Natural Grocery because of a coupon in the EcoMetro guide. It's in the Alameda Marketplace with Feel Good Bakery, Baron's Meat, Farmstead Cheese/Wine.

I got a few things:

Coco Delice Sour Cherry Bark $8.29 a 4oz bag.

Amy's Lentil in a can on sale $2.49, reg $2.99

Peruvian Aji Limo Rojo dried peppers $3.49 a bag

Coco Delice 6 pc assorted $10.99

Happy Goat 2oz Caramels $5.69

Amy's Lentil soup $2.49 on sale

Muir soup lentil on sale $2, reg $3.19

Muir black bean soup on sale $2; reg $3.19

My total $37.44 - $5 coupon = $32.44. Credit cards taken.

I wanted Alameda honey in a jar - next time
Wallaby NF yogurt on sale - didn't buy
couscous - sold in bulk, didn't get any
Fresh kale - didn't get
There's persimmons (both kinds) available now 10/31/10 - didn't buy any

Marketplace hrs:
M-Sat 8-8
Sun 8-7

Farmstead Cheeses & Wines
1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Baron's Meat & Poultry
1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Feel Good Bakery
1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

Alameda Natural Grocery
1650 Park St, Alameda, CA

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  1. I usually use the parking lot right across the street next to Mcgee's with the sign that says Mcgee's and Marketplace only, not the other one next to it on the corner.

    1. Have you had chestnut honey before? It has a strong, peculiar smell, sort of the honey world's answer to stinky tofu. Good with Gorgonzola.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I hadn't had it before, good to know. Now I need some gorgonzola.

        Forgot to add: Feel Good Bakery has minimum $5 to use credit card.

      2. @ Feel Good Bakery, I love the rosemary/chocolate scones. They are amazing. And the pumpkin chocolate muffin is great as well.

        Feel Good Bakery
        1650 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501