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Oct 31, 2010 01:47 PM

Help. THANKSGIVING DINNER - Hollywood area

Need first class restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner in
Hollywood Ft Lauderdale area. Price not a deterrent.
All responses appreciated.

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  1. Contact Alpine Steakhouse, in Sarasota, and have them ship you a turducken. Get side dishes from a local deli, fire up your oven, and have at it.

    Turducken. Better living through chemistry.

    1. Big Tomato in Pembroke Pines (University and pines Blvd.-really close to Hollywood) offers a buffet with turkey, fillet mignon, ham and salmon and all the others for Thanksgiving day

      1. Rather than give you a nematode or two, I suggest looking around the threads here for "first class" restaurants in the area. There are many. I am sure some will have a thanksgiving special menu. Actually, not very far from Hollywood, the fairmont turnberry in Aventura has a whole thanksgiving weekend package.