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Oct 31, 2010 01:21 PM

North End!!!

Hi,,,,Looking for all your suggestions for a family friendly, reasonably priced, but still that "north end flava"! restaurant in the North End to take my Father-in-law to for his birthday...There will be at least 7 adults and 5 children. Thanks!!

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  1. No dis-respect, but starting more than one thread on the same subject (in this case, your father-in-law's birthday dinner) is seen as rather bad etiquette.

    Furthermore, do you want to go to Italian or 'ethnic' as outlined in your other post. And what sort of budget? Might help in getting useful feedback.


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    1. re: trueblu

      trueblu, sorry, I guess I am not a "seasoned and proper" Chowhound poster......

      We are not sure what we want to do, that is why I am open to all suggestions, knowing that his favorites are Caribbean and Italian...... We will have about 15 adults and children combined,,,,,I would say nothing over $20 for each entree....appetizers and drinks of course would be additional. Thanks!

      1. re: mrsNEPATSfan

        Hi Mrs NE Pats,

        This subject is so overdone, you probably won't get too many responses.

        With that being said, because you are new to CH, you can do a search of any board you are looking at. The search button in in the top part of every board and if you are on the Boston one, like you are here, then just type in North End. And tons of stuff will pop up. If you want to be specific, that will narrow your search down.

        Anyway, to answer your question. For your price range (it will be a little tough though) and your group size, I would suggest you might like Antico Forno. And they take reservations.

        Welcome to CH.

        Antico Forno
        93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

        1. re: mcel215

          While I love everything baked and I'll go there if I have to, Antico Forno is mediocre at best.

          Antico Forno
          93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

          1. re: tennisboy

            I find everything from the oven is OK, stay away from the pizza and entree's not cooked in their brick oven. Also, the seating it tight and with a party of 15 you will probably be split up into several tables.

            1. re: tennisboy

              Despite this being an old thread, I must agree that Antico Forno is mediocre and they DO NOT honor reservations.

              See below for my experience.

              Antico Forno
              93 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113

          2. re: mrsNEPATSfan

            there is no need to apologize just as there was no need for someone to scold you. It was not necessary and contrary to their post, it showed great disrespect.

            It's been awhile but LoConte does groups and we have had some decent meals there.


        2. Take a look at Saraceno's. Haven't eaten there in years, so can't comment on the food, but I used to like it when I lived in the neighborhood. They do functions.

          Saraceno Restaurant
          286 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

          1. Y'all do see that this is a nearly seven-month-old zombie thread, right?

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