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Oct 31, 2010 12:56 PM

A late lunch in Paris

Bonjour Paris chowchiens. We will be arriving in Paris on a Saturday afternoon, around 3pm, so after the usual lunch sitting time, and well before restaurants reopen for dinner. I'd be so grateful for any recommendations for places that stay open all day and will give us a relaxed, hearty meal in the afternoon. One that we're considering is La Societe on place Saint-Germain, but other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, where is good for breakfast in the 20eme on a Sunday? Thank you so much!

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  1. La Societe, the Luxe hotel cafe/bars and high end cafes like Le Castiglione, and all the brasseries will be open. Be carefull not to order dishes that can be reheated, like Poulet Roti etc. The Costes establishments are not noted for great food, just high prices. But if you are jet lagged, what the hey.

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      I won't be! Coming in from London on the lovely Eurostar so will be fresh as a daisy. Just don't really want to be trawling Paris to find an open place for good food, so all recommendations are very helpful. We're staying in the 20eme, at Mama Shelter, if that helps, but anywhere is fine, we can just hop on the Metro.

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        All the better restos will be closed by 3pm. Your best (or least bad) bets are the brasseries. Terminus Nord is just across the street from Gare du nord. Bon voyage.

    2. Au Dernier Métro, Le Comptoir, and quite a few Vietnamese places (eg Pho Mui, Pho 14, maybe Pho 67) serve all day. And then there are the brasseries like Terminus Nord, Le Grand Café, Zeyer. And any café that says "service continu" on it. Top palaces serve good food throughout the day (eg Four Seasons, Ritz, etc.). Guetting a sandwich from a bakery can also be a great way to wait for dinner, and why couldn't you sit in a café that doesn't serve food in the afternoon with your goodies from a good bakery? See the map of bakeries on the left hand side of my blog, at the new address .