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Oct 31, 2010 10:58 AM

Sicilian pizza on the North Shore?

Does anyone know where I could find excellent Sicilian pizza on the North Shore? In general I am a thin -crust fan, but looking for big trays to make an event affordable. The only one I've ever really liked is Bob's of Medford but it's a little too far to make it convenient. Would love to find somewhere in the Beverly/Peabody/Danvers/Salem area. Thanks!

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  1. Tripoli's in Lawrence sells by the tray, also Napoli across the street.

    120 Salem St, Boston, MA

    1. Dom's Trattoria in Beverly Farms. Give them a call.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions --we ended up getting the pizza at Bob's since a friend was coming from the area, but as a result of your suggestion we have started going to Dom's ourselves and love it --it is our new family dinner night out spot. My husband had an amazing Shepard's pie there with gorgonzola mashed potatoes and asparagus in lieu of peas. We have also loved the antipasto salad and the tomato, cucumber, mozzarella salad. Chicken soup also great and loved the chicken parm. The only miss has been the bolognese ( I don't like sweet sauce and their version is quite sweet with raisins which I wasn't expecting). Bread is great --overall a great find! Thanks!