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Oct 31, 2010 09:12 AM

Jang Su Jang (Korean restaurant), Santa Clara report w/ pics (Army base stew, yogurt drinks, acorn noodles)

First time to Jang Su Jang for Korean food. It's off Lawrence Expwy & El Camino Real, Santa Clara in the Lawrence Plaza next to King Noodle.

It's pretty big inside with many private rooms too.

Things we got:

Seafood Pancake $13.99 - It's a huge thing like a medium pizza. She cut it for us with scissors. It's pretty good. Lots of green onions, little bit of crunchy, greasy batter, & seafood like octopus, etc. Try it with the sauce placed in a little dish.

Army base stew aka Johnson Tang $12.99 - it's a huge pot with packaged top ramen, some spam, hotdog, & red soupy broth Plus a pot of white rice w/ peas on top. I thought it was just ok. I got it because it's new to me & different.

B. got a seafood soft tofu pot w/ 8 panchans (side dishes) $9.99. Refill on panchans available. My favorite panchan: kimchi, japchae, pickled apple. B. liked his seafood soup. Comes with white rice w/ peas in it.

Total before tip was $40. Credit cards ok. FREE mini yogurt drinks with the check. Not cheap for lunch, but we had leftovers.

I'll go back one day to try the acorn noodles - that's new to me.

Separate bathrooms. Women's had 2 stalls, 1 sink. Mouthwash available w/ tiny cups.

Daily: 11am-10pm

King Noodle
3577 El, Camino Real Santa Clara, CA

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  1. Just tried this place this week with my husband, who was taken there recently by some Korean recruiters from Samsung who said it has the best Korean food in town.

    This is actually quite a nice restaurant, suitable for a business lunch but not over-the-top fancy. Nice foyer with a rustic carved wooden bench and host/hostess stationed piled high with those buzzing coasters for wait-list patrons. Inside there are BBQ and non-BBQ tables.

    My husband had dol sot bibimbap (rice with mixed toppings in a hot stone bowl) and I had mandu soontubu jjigae (soft tofu stew with dumplings). They were solidly good, although the mandu in my stew seemed like the mediocre store-bought kind.

    Panchan (side dishes) are an important part of a Korean meal and theirs are good. We got 6-8. My favorite was the odeng, thin slices of fried fish cake in a sweet mirin-y sauce, with meltingly tender thin slices of carrot and hot pepper. My husband and I disagreed about the kimchi - he preferred the older, softer kind, which I found to be not very well seasoned. I like the crunch of new kimchi, and that dish was also more aggressively flavored.

    My husband was excited by the mini yogurt drink for dessert, which he said reminded him of his childhood in Korea. It reminded me of my childhood, too - because it tastes like orange-flavored baby aspirin!

    Jang Su Jang
    3561 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

    1. This is our new favorite Korean restaurant. We always order a couple of the BBQ items so that they'll fire up the burner for us. We all love the huge sliced radishes (?) that we can use to wrap up the grilled meats, even though we miss the lettuce leaves of other Korean places.

      We wondered what those strange little orange things were at the end of the meal - I think they're an acquired taste.

      1. At my taekwondo practice last night, I asked a Korean friend what she thought was the best Korean restaurant around, and she replied Jang Su Jang! On a side note, Korea House nearby is participating in the Groupon promotion; I wonder if that means they are not doing as well business-wise.

        Jang Su Jang
        3561 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

        1. I went there for the first time last week and shared the galbi and acorn noodles. Very good food and all the panchans were really good! I need to go there with more than one person though so we can capitalize on grilling our own meats and getting the seafood pancake too.

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            Was at Korea House last weekend after reading past reviews on this board. I was surprised there were only 4 tables of customers during dinner time.
            I got the tofu stew. But before that, got a big plate of glass noodle first and then 10 side dishes. All the side dishes were so good. I gobbled them up quickly and was already full before the stew came. Loved the meal. If i lived in SC, I would be a regular for sure. Service was excellent and attentive.