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Oct 31, 2010 07:44 AM

Team Dinner Recommendation? Rockville, Bethesda

We're looking for recommendations for Thursday (11/4) and/or Friday (11/5) for dinner for a college field hockey team, Italian Food, entrees under $15. Group size 22.

Bethesda, Rockville, or nearby.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Maggianno's in Friendship Heights, Bucca de Beppa in Kentlands Rockville, That's Amore
    on Shady Grove Road in Rockville are all family style italian restaurants

    That's Amore Restaurant
    10400 Little Patuxent Pkwy Ste G5, Columbia, MD 21044

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    1. re: dining with doc

      Kentlands is in Gaithersburg, not Rockville, and I wouldn't recommend it.

      That's Amore is ok; of the three it's the one I would personally choose.

    2. You could do worse than Mama Lucia's. Across from shady grove hospital. Fontina grille isn't bad either. Close to the shady grove metro in the king farm area of N. Potomac (used to be south gaithersburg).

      1. Amalfi Ristorante Italiano on Wilkens Avenue in Rockville has a private room for gatherings up to 35 and has group menus of all price points. Don't be fooled by appearances - it's in a warehouse district but has had consistently good Italian food for many decades now. Family-owned and operated since 1977.

        Amalfi Ristorante Italiano
        12307 Wilkins Ave, Rockville, MD 20852

        1. That's Amore has a separate party room if necessary and the family style portions are a good bet for you. Food is decent, much better than Buca, and a nicer atmosphere than Amalfi's, which I think has gone down hill in recent years.

          That's Amore Restaurant
          10400 Little Patuxent Pkwy Ste G5, Columbia, MD 21044

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          1. re: nickdanger

            Thanks for the recommendations. I've forwarded them on to the coach. I'll report back!

          2. That's Amore is one step up from Olive Garden, and not a very big step, either. Cheap and plentiful is their mantra. Unless you're carbo loading for the big game, I'd stick with Amalfi's. If they've slipped in recent years it's from a four and a half star rating to a four. That's Amore has been consistent, but consistently boring.

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            1. re: jumpsteady

              The grilled calamari at That's Amore is excellent. Nothing like it at Olive Garden. I would say TA is miles ahead of OG. They used to have two locations, one in VIenna, VA - but now Rockville is their only place. For teams watching their budget, it's a nice suggestion.

              1. re: Steve

                I've had widely varied experiences at That's Amore.
                My first two visits, both a fairly large business group, were quite good.
                The next 3 or 4 visits, just myself & wife, only included one positive experience.
                Another large group visit I'd rate mediocre.
                A Christmas Eve family dinner in 2009 was horrible. I'd made reservations for a group of 12 to 14 a good month in advance. For 5:00 pm. They seated us in the bar area, and refused to offer a better table on the dining room side, even though the place was still basically empty.
                The food was mediocre at best. The service left a lot to be desired.
                Needless to say, I've not been back since.

                Edit This was the Research Blvd location, Rockville

                1. re: mdfoodlover

                  Of the six That's Amore restaurants that opened in the Washington/Baltimore area, only one remains. That should tell you something.