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Oct 31, 2010 07:36 AM

Likafo Chinese restaurant on Avenue de Choisy- Paris

As I have read so many positive posts about this place, and as we have been going there for so many years now I believe I should mention our latest experience!

We had lunch there on October 1st. It’s almost 1PM, yet the place was empty save for 4 tables. We have noticed that for a while now. The shrimp raviolis were just fair, the broth was tasteless. Worst yet the roast duck in my roast duck noodle was bad, and by that I mean it had bad taste in addition to the fact there’re 7 pieces and 4 of them were just bones and worthless pieces which you would just throw away if you’re serving roast duck! So bad so that I ended up with a stomach ache, had to take some medication, etc. and yet I only ate a piece and a half! When I made a remark to the young waitress that they should be careful about the quality of the food lest they lose more customers, she showed her bad temper by banging the dishes around! No, this is not a new waitress. She has been there for about 3 years now and she knows us as regular customers.

Over the past year we have noticed some changes in Likafo. The staff has dwindled down to only one young lady. The rest are family members of the associate(s). We have not seen one of the associates for a long time now (we go there quite often). Other staff members are gone (laid off?) One of their signature dishes is “steam chicken with sesame and ginger sauce. It no longer is what it used to be. The portion is smaller and so they cut it into very small pieces to fill up the plate. Based on the fact that restaurant is more and more empty I guess other people have figured out its decline before we do!

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  1. Omg, thanx for letting us know. Regrettable indeed.

    1. It's been a while since my last meal there -- April? -- but I noticed no perceptible difference then. The wonton soup was delicious as always, as was the chow fun with beef and black bean sauce. And my favorite waiter, a gentle older man from Guangdong by way of Cambodia, was also there. Could it have gone downhill so quickly? I'll have to try again.

      Par contre, I have felt for quite some time that Délices de Shandong isn't as it used to be.

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        Every now and then I read or hear a furious review explaining that Likafo has gone down the drain. Inbetween, I go there several times in a row and find it just as good as ever, with slight variations in quality on a dish or another from time to time. It still has delicious wonton soup and remains one of my favorite places. Actually one of the most consistent of all Asian restaurants in Paris. The most consistent - to an uncanny extent - being the Cambodian-owned Tricotin, nearby.

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          After reading this thread I felt compelled to eat there for lunch today. And... I thought the food was as good as ever. We had the shrimp wonton soup, chow fun with beef in black bean sauce, a marmite with pork and tofu, and the steamed chicken (which was excellent, fresh and copious -- I didn't notice smaller portions). The waitstaff DOES seem smaller -- I saw only the young woman waitress, who would not win any points for charm. The older man was no where to be seen. But the food was delicious, definitely up to their usual standards. And the restaurant was packed.

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            OK I've gotta gotta gotta go.

            Btw, Ann, I enjoy your blog and was much amused by the Aveyron article.
            In fact Laidback, Mme Laidback and we were just at the Aveyrond food fair this fall. But we had stuffed ourselves with rue Volta banh mi before going, therefore we did not pig out further…

            1. re: Parigi

              I'd love to hear your thoughts on Likafo.

              Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I stuffed myself silly at the Aveyron fair last month... when I see those giant vats of aligot something in me goes crazy!

        2. Well, I am glad you all still find Li Ka Fo good. Could it be it's just a particularly "off day" when we were there?

          I just want to specify that we have been going to this restaurant for quite some time now, almost 15 years and we do go there frequently. It was considered one of the best Chinese restaurant in the 13th, even by the Chinese themselves and we do know quite a few in our circle of friends.

          We have noticed the changes over the past 2 years, some more subtle than others: and the "ups and downs" which is understandable in this business but never had we had such a bad meal like the last one. So, my review wasn't just a "furious review" of some one who goes there occasionally, and has to rant about a bad meal! Would not have posted the review if I did not have some spoiled meat in my noodle

          BTW, the very nice older gentleman is no longer working there.

          I guess to each his own! We tried Tricotin about 20 years ago, found it very bad with a "mass market" feel to it, and never went back there!