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Oct 31, 2010 07:20 AM

Vegetarian Indian Drive-Through

Jai Guru Hedi Urja is a tiny drive-through on US 19 in Clearwater. It's easy to miss because of the road construction. If you like spicy, authentic chaat it is a great find, though. My personal fave is Dabeli; this is a sandwich with a vey hot mung bean paste, nuts, pomegranate seeds and fresh coriander. My husband really likes batakapoha; this is a milder dish, with parched rice, potatoes, mustard seed, chilis, lemon juice and cashews. They have some of the best samosas I have ever had. The owner apparently is well known for his jalebi, which he supplies to many of the South Asian stores and restaurants in the area. He is very nice, and often gives us samples of various dishes.

This is purely a drive-through. There is no place to sit except in your car. It is wise to call an order in (727-531-7143) - although the sign in front says "fast food", the owner may have a different understanding of what "fast" means than most.

I am afraid this place is so hidden that no one will find it and it will go out of business, so please GO!! He says he gets his money from catering, but nonetheless...

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  1. What he makes is regional snack food from the state of Gujerat , north of Mumbai. These are snacks and not entrees Except samosas which most people know all other dishes are unknown to the americans. Though he has a large menu. He does not have everything everyday. He will not go out of business. he is marketing his products to people of Gujerat
    ( among the Indian population in TB area Gujeratis are in large numbers). and accordingly uses Indian media for advertisement). As expected food is very spicy. Try Khaman Dhokla, an exceptionaly tasty dish, and Pani Puri which he will have to teach you how to eat. His prices are reasonably low. Urja is his surname

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      If you like Gujrati cuisine head to Ganesha at 6204 N, Armenia in Tampa. They have a buffet at lunchtime. You will not be disappointed.

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        I used to eat there pretty often. Haven't been for a while.

    2. OK, Bill- when are we eating here, this sounds awesome.

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        My Indian next door neighbors that just recently moved to Texas were Gujarati, and she made a dish called Patra that I loved!
        It was hotter and spicier than I would normally like but the flavor and texture was just so interesting that I ate them up...

        I know that spot on Armenia... I used to shop there when it was The Ganesh Market, and just a grocery store...
        I've been wanting to eat there but I'm usually disappointed with vegetarian only Indian food...
        I've only had it 3-4 times at Udipi Cafe's lunch buffet in Carrolwood (I love those Aloo masala 'potato' Dosas they set you up with when you sit down) but I always come away feeling it was a meal of side dishes---- but I'd be happy to go and check it out...
        The buffet place, not the drive thru...
        I'm enthusiastic to try more Gujarati food---- and maybe they'll have Patra...

        Looks like Indian sushi! ;-)
        A seasoned chickpea paste spread on a Taro leaf, rolled up and cooked...
        Pics from Google...

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          still doesn't answer my question ;)

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            You can buy Patra in cans. It comes as a roll. Just slice it and heat it in a pan with oil and top it with coriander leaves.

        2. When are they open? They seem to be open whenever I drive by!

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            If this is the little drive though in the old Checkers near Nursery on 19, I saw a For Lease sign up on Saturday. Sad, was hoping to try it.

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              Awwww that is too bad. I too was hoping to try this place sometime, but never got around to it. I am sure the constant construction on US19 didn't help business much. At night the place was super difficult to find and one evening I had the best initiations to get some takeout from there but passed it due to the difficulty in finding the proper exit. Maybe they can relocate to a more permanent location that has traditional sit down seating.

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                It is advertised in the Indian newspaper that it is up for sale. May be some one will buy and make it go