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Oct 31, 2010 12:25 AM

Bengaluru - New Year's Eve and more...

hello all 'hounds

we are looking forward to spending our (happy) new years in bengaluru, and several days in travel around.

i think there are lots of arts-interested people in bangalore, yes?

we would much appreciate recommendations for our new years eve--

we are arts-interested people (a ceramic artist and horticulturist) looking for a more relaxed-than-fancy-club place to celebrate new years eve. where should we go?

outside of chow, but maybe not too far out of CHOW limitations:
what galleries or studios should we see in bengaluru? we like ART, FOOD and GOOD company!

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  1. I'm not an expert on the Bengaluru art scene and I'm only aware of the one big gallery in town, National Art Gallery I think. Hopefully others who are more familiar with Bengaluru will chime in.

    I will keep my ear to the ground for NYE as I am also looking for something interesting on the big night. If I find anything I will post, I hope you'll return the favour.

    1. The last time I was in Bangalore, I really enjoyed their Yakshagana dance. You can also check out the events happening in Bangalore on this website:

      MyBangalore website gives out great nuggets of info like "Top 5 Kebab Places in Bangalore" or "Best 5 Burger Joints in Bangalore".

      Or pick up a copy of Time Out Bangalore - it's also got a list of good restaurants.

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        thanks for the link. i'll post an update as we figure out our options.

      2. for the places less visited (even by locals), go to ndtv . com and search for the bangalore episode of Highway on my plate. Excellent show and they have others episodes about the south as well as the north.

        From my own personal experience in Bangalore, I can recommend the Coconut Grove and Bhima's. The are both on the same road (off Brigade road IIRC). Try the crab at coconut grove (lovely patio/eating area too) and go for anything spicy at Bhima's