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Where to eat during the American Dietetic Association while staying at the Colonnade and attending conference at Boston Convention Center?

I'm in Boston from Nov. 6 to 9th, and need some recommendations.

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  1. The restaurant in the lobby of the Colonnade, Brasserie Jo, is consistently solid, so I would recommend at least one meal there. The steak frites is superb, particularly with roquefort butter.

    Brasserie Jo
    120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

    1. What type of food do you like and what is your price range?

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        Ideally, less than thirty dollars per person, and somewhere in close proximity to these two locations. Thank you!

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          Ha, ha. That's a good dietitian's joke. If there are whole grains in the dough......

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            how about going to chinatown; there are certainly places there which can be done for under 30 dollars per person? how about the new shanghai for an example?

          2. The area near your hotel has lots of restaurants but not many that will let you stay under $30. If you like Asian food, there are good Thai places nearby that will do it; Chilli Duck on Boylston is a good choice. In the South End, Anchovies on Columbus has reasonably priced Italian. Coda on Columbus has reasonably priced new American. Some South End places offer discounts on early dining (order by 6:30); Aquitaine, Union and Gaslight (common ownership) do this and others probaby do as well.

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              I've been rethinking that $30 budget--obviously inadequate. So, I'm open to other suggestions in the same vicinity.

            2. Try Pho Basil on Mass. Ave.:


              It is very reasonably priced Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It is not far from the Colonnade. The duck noodle soup is very good. So is the tamarind duck. I haven't had a disappointing dish there.

              Pho Basil Restaurant
              177A Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115

              1. Some Cali-based food writer did an article on Boston dining for Today's Dietician, the house magazine of this group, in anticipation of this conference. She quoted me extensively, and I think she must have gotten a lot of my recommendations from this board (since she didn't contact me directly): http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarc...


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                  Got that right MC, you can see in her writing she has either never been here or at least not for a long time (decades). Besides your blog, it looks like she's quoting a lot of food reality shows as well, lame.

                2. Lots of reasonable options in Chinatown, Jumbo Seafood may fit your budget. What lacks, in cuisine, where you're from? What are your likes? Also, the subway, also known as the 'T' is easy to get around. Another option, although a splurge, would be Neptune Oyster.

                  Neptune Oyster
                  63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

                  Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
                  7 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

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                    I'm from Montreal. Fortunately, I have a wide range of food preferences, which helps me professionally. Italian and Indian are my favourites, and then seafood. The ADA anticipates 10,000 dietitians to attend and the last time I was in Boston was for its previous convention in 1997, so I'm due for a visit.