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Oct 30, 2010 09:21 PM

Anybody know of fresh locally raised turkey available BEFORE Thanksgiving (i.e., 11/6) - [Suburban Detroit]

Thanksgiving already is in sight, and that’s a heck of an exciting thing! I have a true Free Range heritage breed turkey reserved at Chelsea’s “Back Forty Acres Farm,” and am sure lookin’ forward to it. But, prior to Thanksgiving Day, I’m hosting some Chinese guests, who seek an American Thanksgiving experience.

Sure, I can serve them a Walmart Butterball. But, I’d kind of like to nearly go all-out. Anybody know where I can get a fresh, locally raised, quality turkey for next weekend (11/6)? Most area farms are sending their birds to the processor just four days before Thanksgiving, and they don’t want to do a “one-off,” for me. And, gosh knows, I don’t want to kill and dress a live bird, myself. Thanks, in advance.

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  1. Ropertis Turkey Farm
    34700 5 Mile Rd
    Livonia, MI 48154-2631
    (734) 464-6546

    1. I'm assuming Peacock's can meet your needs, but if you want to show a true American T-giving experience go with Butterball, Stovetop Stuffing, and Canned Cranberry.

      1. Thank you guys :-)
        I had already called Roperti's, and they said, "Any time this month leading up to Thanksgiving, just give us a call, and we'll go out to the field and 'choose' a turkey for you, and it will be ready the very next day." (I think they are licensed to process on-site.) Average weight is 21LBS and it's $2.99/LB. Yum....

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          I ended up not going to Roperti's for my pre-Thanksgiving, but I decided to do two turkeys for this Thursday (one fresh organic Roperties from Livonia, and one local heritage breed from Chelsea).

          I picked up the Roperti's bird this morning, and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I know it will be great. Just "dressed" twelve hours before, and by people who apparently think dressing a bird is a professional skill, rather than something to be accomplished in exactly seventeen seconds on an industrial assembly line before mechanical packaging and freezing is executed.

          If you don't yet have a bird, then don't try to quick-defrost a semi frozen (so called, "fresh") bird. Call Roperti's ASAP! (I'll report on the tastes of the two birds, post Thanksgiving.) Note--there were forty other customers at the suburban Roperti's farm with me, and many surely are repeat customers from years/decades past. If you don't want to roast the bird yourself, they can smoke it for you, if time hasn't run out...

          PS: In years past, Lazybones has been willing to smoke people's bring-it-themselves meats, for a modest fee. Just another thought.

          1. re: vtombrown

            Reread your first sentence and then come back and try to unconfused me.

            1. re: JanPrimus

              ;-) I had a "pre-Thanksgiving dinner" on 11/16 (per my original post, way above), and I had planned to use a Roperti's turkey on that 11/16 day. Instead, I took Markcron's advice and just made a frozen turkey on 11/16.

              Now, I'm prepping for the REAL Thanksgiving for this Thursday, and I plan to serve two fresh turkeys at that one. One from Chelsea and one from Roperti's. I hope it now makes sense. (For the record, the whole thing STILL doesn't make sense to my wife...)

              PS--the 11/16 pre-Thanksgiving was for visitors from China, and the 11/25 Real Thanksgiving is for gringo friends and family.