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Oct 30, 2010 07:57 PM

Rolled or steel cut oats in bulk in montreal

Hey guys, I'm going to start a diet very heavy in oats and I was thinking of ordering these 25/50lbs bags online, but before I do that I wanna make sure if I can find a better/decent deal in Montreal, so I won't have to wait for shipping.

Points given if
it's close to the plateau
it costs around 1$ per pound
won't need to buy hueg quantities for good price (I have no car, but I wouldn't mind hauling huge bags by public transit)

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  1. Here's the thread for bulk grains in Montreal:

    ...but a diet very heavy in oats?

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    1. re: bakersdelight

      Thanks for the link

      Yes a diet heavy in oats.
      I'm a lifter and I do a lot of other intense exercises and I got quite a tight budget and I was getting tired of wolfing down meals consisting mainly of 2 cups (uncooked) chickpeas and various beans to get my fix in protein and complex carbs.

    2. Segal's on St Laurent, near Duluth, has I think the best price on Bob's steel cut oats, at around $3 a bag, compared to $5 at most other places

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      1. re: skinner

        Yeah I go to Segal very regularly and I checked their oats. The bags they have are quite small and I am not looking for organic oats because of my budget. I ended up buying a 1.35kg robinhood quick oats bag for bout three fitty

        I'm really looking for bulk here and the bulk barns in Longueuil and DDO are way too far

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hi folks - please keep the responses focused on helping the poster find bulk oats, as off topic replies about the OP's diet will be removed. Thanks for your help.

          1. Way late to this thread, but we've found 2 pound bags of rolled oats for $2.19 at Amira:


            (Lots of other good stuff there too.


            Still looking to beat this price by buying larger quantities, but hope for that is dwindling.