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Oct 17, 2005 06:23 PM

Thai food in Santa Monica/Venice

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Hi All,

Just moved to the south side of Santa Monica near Lincoln Blvd and Ashland. Wondering what the best options for Thai food are in this area. Any suggestions on places/prices/dishes would be more than welcome.

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  1. Thai food around here is unspectacular. Pam's Place (Venice just East of Abbot Kinney) is one of the better bets.

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    1. re: PlonkMan

      Cannot remember the dishes I had at Pam's Place, about a year ago, less than impressive, sorry. Had great hopes because of the location, but no...I have never returned.

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        Not exactly Venice, but how about Ayara in Westchester?

      2. Toi on Wilshire in Santa Monica is great- not so hot service but the food is amazing. Try the brown rice too- their specialty. It's a little north of you, but worth the drive. Open til like 3 am or some crazy time like that.

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          Second Toi. Try the yellow curry with chicken; order the brown rice to sop up the excess sauce.

        2. i like siam place, which it sounds like you can walk to! their brown rice is wonderful - the same rice they offer at toi, but with less americanized food to eat along with it.

          1. Thai Beach Cholada in Malibu, just pastThe Reel Inn on the right hand side of PCH.

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              I think Cholada is several notches better than any of the other places mentioned in the thread. Not all that close to Santa monica, but it is a pleasant drive up the coast.

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                Pam's is gone. I havent found any great Thai in S m. I also like Cholada or Tux Tuk near Pico and Robertson

                1282 Newbury Rd, Newbury Park, CA 91320

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                  You have to realize that Pam's Place was still in existence when this thread was first put up 5 years ago.

            2. Try "Star of Siam" on Lincoln, just north of rose.

              Favorite dishes: the red curry w/ chicken, the spicy spinach.

              I also like Poom Thai, also on Lincoln, south of Pico. they have good tom ka kai soup.

              I think these places beat Toi on wilshire.

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              1. re: bubs

                I second Star of Siam! Everything I've had there is good, and they deliver. I usually order a green curry (although occasionally I order their duck curry), and either silver noodle salad or pad woon sen. Their Tom Kha Gai converted a non-Thai food lover. No ambience whatsoever, unless you like watching them fold napkins and such.

                Not so much love for Siam Place across the street. Bland, boring and watered-down flavors. Don't know how they can ruin a green papaya salad, but they did.