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Oct 30, 2010 03:15 PM

Tulsa,OK Is the Cypress Grill still good? What are some other don't miss restaurants

We will be in Tulsa. The last time we were there one of the places we had dinner was the Cypress Grill. At that time it was rated as one of the top Renaissance Hotel restaurants in the world and I was wondering if it is still good.

Are there any other suggestions for bistro type or home cooking restaurants? We try to stay away from chain restaurants.

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  1. If youre staying at the Renaissance you are on 71st which is pretty much (chain) restaurant row. Close to you you have FishDaddys - across 71st from the hotel - cheap but good fish place - it is a chain (owned by the Cheddars folks) but there are only a few in existence which means they haven't become chain-like. Within a short car or cab ride you have Brothers Houligan at 61st and Mingo - more home cooking-like - awesome chicken fried steak - great chicken livers - plenty of other wholesome well-cooked simple stuff.

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      Thank you. We've eaten at FishDaddy's on a couple of our previous trips. We will have a car and don't mind driving to someplace not near the hotel.

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        Here is a website that Brian posts on frequently that might help you find something new.

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          Or you could check out the many Tulsa posts I've made here. Since I live in Tulsa. I could certainly generate more suggestions tailored to an individual request. In this case I made recommendations based on proximity to the Renaissance and stated preferences for the style of food.

    2. The French Hen, at 71 and Yale, has a $13 three course lunch through December. Normally that lunch would cost around $30, and it's worth it. At 81 and Sheridan is Siegi's German restaurant and, even better, Mi Tierra, a Peruvian restaurant that would be acclaimed in NYC or even Lima. And farther away, at 33 and Peoria, is Wolfgang Puck Bistro, excellent and, surprisingly, unique (though my guess is that Wolfgang Puck is using it as a trial run for what he hopes might be a chain one day).

      French Hen
      7143 South Yale, Tulsa, OK 74136

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        Yep these are all good - I think you could classify Siegi's as (German) home-style cooking - very tasty and reasonable. French Hen is not home-style but I have to agree that the $13 lunch deal is a steal. (Doesn't Bodean[seafood] also have the $13 deal or was that just for restaurant week?). I think I'd also add Biga (43rd and Peoria) as a good Italian alternative - they have a very reasonable prix fixe for about $20 for dinner. Across the street from Biga, you have a pretty good Mexican at La Hacienda (way better than Abuelo's though IMHO Rio Verde way up on North Trenton is the absolute best).

        French Hen
        7143 South Yale, Tulsa, OK 74136

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          I've read your reviews on Mi Tierra Brian - it sounds like a truly amazing find. I have to check it out with the wife ASAP - thanls for posting it. (Omega huh? I'm not sure if I'd qualify - probably not - I got 178 on the Cattell scale and only went to the light blue school).

          Mi Tierra
          11 Des Moines Ave, South Hutchinson, KS 67505

        2. We just got back home and I thought I would report on where we ate. Friday night we took a guest to dinner and he recommended Eddy's Steakhouse. What an interesting restaurant. I felt like I was back in the 1950's. The restaurant is dark and the tables have red table cloths. We normally would not choose a steak restaurant, but this was an experience. After we ordered they started bringing the food. First they brought tabouli and hummas which was ok, but not the best I've ever had. Also, it would have been better if they had served pita with it. Then they brought out a huge cabbage roll which I thought was good, but could have used a little something. Then they brought out a salad which I didn't eat since I wanted to have room for my steak. Then the steaks came and they were HUGE. I ordered the filet, my husband ordered the club ribeye and our guest ordered the sirloin. They were a tiny bit overcooked (we had ordered medium rare and they came out more towards medium) but they were tasty. Each of us ate about half the steak.

          Saturday morning we had breakfast at Wild Fork. The last time we were in Tulsa we had wanted to eat there, but we went on a Sunday and they were closed on Sundays. The place was packed. We each had an omlette and cheese grits and bisquits/gravy. I thought the omlette was very good as were the grits and biscuit. Even though the restaurant was crowded the service was very good.

          Saturday night we ate at the Cyprus Grill at the Renaissance. The restaurant wasn't very busy and they told us that not many locals eat there. Apparently the Executive Chef has been there about 7 years and they told us that they make everything inhouse. We both started off with Lobster Bisque. They bring the bowls out that have a mound of creme fraiche.surrounded by roasted corn and the meat of a small lobster claw. They pour the bisque over this at the table. I had lamb osso bucco over mushroom risotto and roasted asparagus. It was very good. My husband ordered the flat iron steak and when he tasted it he had to send it back because it was very salty. The waiter couldn't have been nicer and the restaurant manager came over and offered him a glass of wine to drink while he was waiting for the replacement. We were drinking wine so he thanked her and said no so she said in that case she would comp us dessert and coffee. When his meal was served it was much better. The restaurant has it's own gelato machine and they make different flavors of gelato and sorbet each for dessert we chose the sorbet/gelato trio. We had lemon, strawberry and kiwi-all three very good. A couple of years ago when we were in Tulsa one of the offerings was basil gelato which was delicious.

          Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I hope to get to the French Hen one of these days and also try more of Brian's recommendations. The French Hen did have the $13.00 lunch specials, but they were only Monday -Friday.

          Wild Fork
          1820 Utica Sq, Tulsa, OK 74114

          French Hen
          7143 South Yale, Tulsa, OK 74136

          Eddy's Steakhouse
          3510 E 31st St, Tulsa, OK 74135

          Executive Chef Cafe
          525 Central Park Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73105