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Breakfast at Brennan's?

I made reserv. for breakfast at Brennans in Nov. cuz I thought the menu looked awesome. Havn't seen any buzz about it being a destination breakfast restaurant - should we do Stanley's instead??? thanks

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  1. Do Stanley. Brennan's is OK but not like it used to be pre-K, I don't think.

    1. It's a traditional Brennan's brunch but I found it a bit dated and $30 for eggs a bit over to top price wise.

      1. Though I can't speak for Brennan's as I've never been I can certainly give a hearty +1 to your suggestion to eat at Stanley's!! Breakfast was amazing there.

        1. I really like Brennan's myself. I have lunch there everytime I'm in NOLA. Their gumbo is outstanding. I don't like breakfast like some folks do. If I wanted breakfast I would go to Stanley but I really like Brennan's a lot.

          1. Skip Brennan's...touristy, overpriced, and overrated in my opinion. You'd do better with Stanley...or Begue's in the Royal Sonesta:

            Begues's Restaurant
            300 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130

            1. For the money you'd spend at Brennan's, it'd be much (and I mean MUCH) better spent at Commanders. Stanley is very good, but more like a diner.

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                Yes, I must agree. While Brennan's had some of the best turtle soup I've ever had, I have to say our bill at the end of the meal was astounding! You can do much better elsewhere and for a lot less.

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                  And Commander's turtle soup is great.

              2. Skip Brennan's altogether. Ridiculous prices, plastic menus, and mediocre food. You can do far better elsewhere

                1. While Stanley is good, we have had several, recent good brunches at Brennan's.

                  Considering the differences in levels of dining, I cannot really recommend one, over the other. They are THAT different, but quite good.

                  Many here do not like Brennan's. I was one of those, until the last couple of years, and then we went back, and have enjoyed some great brunches.

                  Do not recall too many panning Stanley, but they should not, as it is quite good, and worth the effort.

                  The question would be: do you want a good breakfast in a laid-back atmosphere, or do you want grand dining, so early in the AM. The ball is in your court.


                  1. The last time I went to Brennan's was in 2006. It was outstanding! It all depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. The turtle soup, eggs hussarde, and crepes fitzgerald were excellent and worth a return trip. The service was first-rate, and we even got an extra dessert when the waiter prepared too much bananas foster for another table.

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                      Now that is a nice touch. It is often little things, such as that, that really imprint on patrons' minds.

                      Glad you enjoyed. Though I had to eat my words from years before, when I did my review - they were offset by the food and service. Do not know if they changed, or if I did, but the experience was great, and two more have been even better.


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                        They did the same with our cafe brulot order and offered tastes around the house after they had confirmed, to a certainty, that we had had our fill.

                        It was a very nice touch and I bet it generated at least one new order.

                        Having Boris make this for us, table-side, is one our most vivid and lasting memories of dining in New Orleans. So much so, that we have rigged for it at home...right down to the sterling ladle from New Orleans Silversmiths on Chartres.

                        Cafe brulot, we have found, is the perfect end-of-evening offering for our New Orleans Open House each year (last time we fed/watered almost 100). It is a great spectacle, with the lights turned down, AND signels "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here"!

                        We thoroughly enjoyed Brennan's.

                      2. I went to Brennan's for breakfast this past Super Bowl Sunday so the atmosphere there as everywhere in the city was incredible. I hadn't been to Brennan's since my high school days and shortly afterwards for reunion dinners, but I think going there for breakfast, is a must do. The food was great, pricey yes, and the service was fantanstic. All around a great time, now we also had a table of 18 or so, so that lent itself to a great time as well

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                          That was about my schedule, if you add just a few year. Back then, I did not get it, and was dissatisfied, and unimpressed. Decades passed, and something changed. Maybe us, or maybe something else. Still, we've now had four very good to great meals there. Not every trip, but looking back - most.

                          Have not done dinner there, and I have to admit that they are down that list, but there are so many newer places that we just have not made it to, and too many "old friends," that we are just too greedy to pass by. Maybe great, or maybe not. I just do not know.


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                            A very, very old memory of breakfast at Brennan's--it was 1979, we ordered a bottle of Burgundy (Gevry-Chambertin) from the 1969 vintage...a very good one in Burgundy but terrible in Bordeaux..and when the cork was drawn, the date said, 1970, and there was no identification of maker (Drouhin, was what it should have been.) I pointed it out, made a fuss, and did anyone do the right thing? No--not at all...I've never returned, but maybe should, since it's been a long time since...Still, that kind of thing sticks...