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Oct 30, 2010 01:28 PM

Han's (Cgy): Handover complete

Partner and I had lunch at Han's today.

Han and Mei are officially retired so this is the first time we've been there without them pulling the strings in the kitchen (and the dining room). We ordered our usual: the dry-fried green beans and the chili chicken.

I am thrilled to report that both were as excellent as always. The chili chicken was even hotter than usual, a delight. Beans were done perfectly. Service was just fine. We espied the other table (we got there around 11:15 so it was quiet) got the beef hot pot and it looked perfect.

I'm happy. Viva Han's!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I will definitely go and check it out soon. I'll report back on the rest of the usual dishes we order.

    Glad to hear that it remains one of the best Chinese places in town!

    1. That's great to hear that they are retired! I'm sure the restaurant will be left in good hands. Thanks for the update John, they're such a sweet couple and the restaurant is a great gem in this city.

      1. They were/are such nice hard working people I hope they have a great retirement...And thx for the update, that is encouraging.

        Just curious, is the entire menu the same?

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        1. Went over today to see if I can get a bowl of their beef noodles and noticed that they still weren't open yet at 12. Their sign said 11 am on Sunday so just be on the look out. They might be changing hours I guess.

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            I went this past Friday just at 5 to eat dinner at Han's, and it was shuttered with no sign indicating what was going on or if there were new hours (I checked in again at 5:45 and it was still shuttered). I'm growing concerned that Han's might be out of commission. Has anyone eaten there recently?

            1. re: javelina

              We were there last Saturday at 13:45 and it was closed. The only sign there was the 11-8 hrs (except Sunday?) schedule. It was disappointing as it was our first choice to try during our visit from Edmonton). We ended up at Deliciuos Country in the same "mall".

              1. re: javelina

                After reading rave reviews for a couple years, I finally made it out to Han's today... got there around 11:45. They were open, I was the only customer there for the duration of my visit. I had the beef wonton noodle soup and the beef/cucumber sesame pockets. The pockets were very flavourful.

                The beef noodle was comforting and the beef was tender. Although it isn't nearly as good as the Taiwanese noodle soup from Lao Shan Dong or Wang's in Vancouver (I find the taiwanese beef noodle from those places to be heartier with more depth), I think this Han's was the best Taiwanese noodle I've had in AB. It'll definitely curb my cravings. I'll go back and can't wait to try the beans.

                Spoke with the lady about why it was so quiet and she said they had closed for 2 weeks prior but open now.

                1. re: foodkarma

                  Thanks for the good news. Next time I am in Calgary I'll try again.
                  I wonder however why they would not bother to put a note/sign for their customers.

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    I just finished a quick take out dinner at Han's. I'd never actually tried Taiwanese noodle soup so I gave the beef/noodle/wonton a go. It was decent but I don't think I'd order it again given all of the other great sounding items on the menu.

                    About a year ago I ordered a chicken dish on the menu that was loaded with multiple types of szechuan peppers and I was blown away by how delicious and how insanely spicy it was. Probably one of the best Chinese dishes I've had the pleasure of tasting. I couldn't remember what that dish was called so I ordered the "spicy chicken" today. It was good but not really very spicy and there were a few regular red peppers in it as opposed to loads of the Szechuan variety. I'm afraid that I got the toned down westerner version or I ordered the wrong thing entirely. Perhaps I was thinking of the Kung Pao?

                    I'll be trying Han's again soon and I think I'll mention to them that I'm not afraid of a little heat. I certainly enjoyed my meal but it wasn't the taste explosion I remember. I think it might have had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn't sure what to order. I'll definitely be getting the fried green beens, the spicy shredded pork dish and maybe the chicken kung pao next time around.

                    Super glad they're back open...

                    1. re: johnjohnson78

                      Frustrated again!

                      Last Friday I checked in at the Delta Bow Valley ( chosen because of its proximity to Han's/Chinatown) and immediately walked over to Han's for dinner and it was closed at 6:10 pm, their "11 to 8" sign taken down and visible through the glass lying on a table close to the front.

                      Maybe I'll be third time lucky but would like to improve my chances so can anybody tell me what 's going on with their seemingly unpredictable hours of operation? For a restaurant which is featured in "Where" magazine ( found in the hotel room) as having one of the top five "hot dishes" in Calgary they sure are difficult to pin down.

                      So I ended up , again, at "Delicious Country" where I had their "Delicious Country Special Hand Made Noodle" which was delicious.

                      Has anybody tried the Gui Lin restaurant in the same little mall?

                      1. re: felix the hound

                        I tried to go to Han's too! (on Saturday instead of Friday) I agree about Delicious Country's handmade noodles, they're awesome =)

                        In lieu of Han's, we went to Gui Lin - had the Gui Lin noodles, pork + preserved egg congee & pot stickers. Enjoyed it all. They seem to specialize in noodles. Also has meat dishes served with rice.

                        Delicious Country
                        303 Centre St SW #104, Calgary, AB T2P 2B9, CA

                        1. re: aonyx

                          Had a super-early dinner there last night around 4:30-5pm as we were in the area and it happened to be open!

                          I'll be honest, I don't see what the fuss is all about but I will temper that comment by saying that my wife and I are both not really fans of Taiwanese food in the first place.

                          We had the #5 garlic pork which was lukewarm in temperature and spice but had decent flavour, #11 kongpao chicken which was again good but unspectacular...the #40 green beans were probably the best dish, salty and overcooked but I understand that it is a part of that version of the dish. Much prefer the Shanghainese version of that dish. Don't remember the number but we also had the braised ox-tail which was meh, the pieces of ox-tail were quite small and not very much meat on them.

                          Perhaps this was better when the Hans themselves were there, but in either case we weren't wowed but again we're not fans of the cuisine to begin with.

                          In my books, the best Chinese food in Calgary is at the Chinese Cultural Centre. Have had tofu dishes, braised duck with mushrooms and spinach, beef flank hot pot, pea shoots with garlic, etc. all done extremely well and as authentic as places in Vancouver which is as good as it gets in Canada. Highly recommend it!

            2. It's Official! Read the Chinese newspaper and Han's is for sale. I knew something is wrong when I noticed the irregular openings and closings. I hope whoever buys it can somehow keep it alive and continue the original recipes. I guess the current owners just aren't cut out for it.