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Oct 30, 2010 12:01 PM

Coffee shops in Savannah?

Any cool cafes, places to get good coffee and/or hang out and/or eat?

I'll be staying in the historic district in November, tagging along with someone going to a conference, so I'll have a bit of leisure time. Thanks!

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  1. The Express Cafe is open for breakfast all day 7 days a week downtown on Barnard. Huey's is on the river and serves an outstanding breakfast. Sit on the outdoor deck and enjoy the view with your coffee. Go to Savannah City Market and browse around the shops. Have your coffee outdoors at the sidewalk cafe at City Cafe. B Matthews is an outstanding choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They open at 8AM and would be happy to serve you coffee. Firefly Cafe is in the Historic District open for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They will serve you coffe. Sit outside on their sidewalk cafe. Take some comfortable shoes and walk around the historic downtown area and visit the beautiful parks there. Walk down River Street and visit the shops and bars there.

    Express Cafe and Bakery @ 39 Barnard St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 233 - 4683.
    Huey's on the River @ 115 East River St., Savannah, GA 912 - 234 - 7385.
    Cafe @ City Market @ 224 W. St. Julian St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 236 - 7133.
    B. Matthews Eatery @ 325 East Bay St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 233 - 1319.
    Firefly Cafe @ 321 Habersham St., Savannah, GA. 912 - 234 - 1971.

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      Thanks for all your suggestions!

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        Be warned, the overall quality of coffee/espresso being served in Savannah is abysmal. There is a local roaster (PERC) that might be helping that situation - but they are only providing the beans. For espresso drinks, much depends on the barista. I had a decent latte the other day at CARAWAY CAFE on Broughton (and Drayton?).

        As for bakeries, Harris Baking Company (Drayton and Liberty) does stellar pastries. I'd definitely go there over Express Cafe/Bakery for baked goods.