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One More Dinner

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My trip is almost complete, I have one more dinner spot to fill. I am deciding between Le Petite Grocery, Clancy's, and Cuvee. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks Again

Cuvee Restaurant
322 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Assuming you haven't been before, I'd do Clancy's. Quintessential New Orleans restaurant, right smack in the middle of an Uptown neighborhood. Can't beat the atmosphere, the bar, the wine list (particular focus on red burgundy), the service, and of course, the food. Textbook Creole with a few twists. Other 2 are good, but Clancy's wins in this 3-horse field...

    1. Since you don't have a car you should consider Cuvee just for convenience. Cuvee is 5 blocks from The Roosevelt. For outstanding food and ambiance I second Sanglier and suggest you go to Clancy's. You should take a cab. If you take the streetcar you will have to walk 14 blocks from St. Charles. You could take the streetcar Uptown after lunch in the FQ and spend some time browsing Magazine Street and end up at Clancy's. It's 4 blocks from Magazine and Webster. You could take a cab home after dinner. Clancy's service, atmosphere and food is outstanding.

      Cuvee Restaurant
      322 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. While I'd be happy at the other two, I'd still probbaly be thinking I'd rather be at Clancy's. Not only is the food (and wine) wonderful, but it has, for me, a better "feel" But that's just me.