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Oct 30, 2010 10:34 AM

Vegetarian Reuben in Denver?

Hi all,

I've found great suggestions here over the last couple years... and finally have a question for y'all. I'm craving a reuben sandwich--something with a delish mix of sauerkraut, dark rye, and dressing.

Here's the kicker: it's got to be a vegetarian reuben.

I know Watercourse offers such an item. Any other places you guys know about that you'd recommend? Or places that are willing to turn their reuben into a veg-friendly one?

I'm located in the Highlands area of Denver (just north of Downtown) so looking for someplace (ideally) in Uptown, Capital Hill, Downtown, Baker, Highlands, Edgewater, Arvada, Wheat Ridge or nearby areas. But if you know of a great place in, say, Englewood, I'm willing to travel. (It's quite a craving!)

Thanks in advance, all!

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  1. I would imagine that anyplace that makes Ruebens could prepare one without meat. I'd give Masterpiece Deli in Highland a try. They make great sandwiches. And being in Boulder, Jimmy & Drew's Deli is probably accustomed to the "no meat" request.

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      Haven't tried it myself, but have been told that there is a pub in Edgewater that serves an amazing vegetarian reuben. Cant remember the name, but it is on w. 25th street, just across from Edgewater Inn.

      Edgewater Inn
      5302 W 25th Ave, Edgewater, CO 80214

    2. Gosh, if you find one, I might have to road trip up to the greater Denver area from San Diego..
      I make my own patty melts with garden burgers, rye, cheese, grilled onions and thousand and its so good!

      1. The Southern Sun in Boulder serves a tempeh reuben, and just checked, the Vine Street Pub in Denver does as well.

        Also, Leaf in Boulder serves a veggie reuben.

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          The best veggie reuben in Boulder, in my opinion, is at Mustard's Last Stand. It's delightful, and I'm a reuben purist AND I'm not a vegetarian. They also have great fries to go with it.

        2. I would definetly check out Watercourse foods. They turn classic american dishes into vegetarian dishes and they do it well. I looove their country fried chicken ( which is seitan. They might actually call it country fried seitan.)
          They also serve amaaazing vegan milkshakes made with coconut cream. OMG.

          Woops! Somehow missed the part where you had already mentioned Watercourse. Well if you haven't tried them you can feel pretty confident they will deliver. I also love their Seitan buffalo wings.

          1. Watercourse is where it's at. But are you looking for an alternative because their staff is so utterly indifferent to providing service? I love the food (especially their veggie reuben and uber-awesome Scout cookies) but the service is unforgiveable. Why they are so intent on bringing in the hipper-than-thou, fixie riding, tattoo sporting lame-os that have all been kicked out of most reputable eating destinations in the country is beyond me. I've been drug there multiple times, after swearing I'd never go back (in spite of the great food) by my vegetarian girlfriend. EVERY time, I either get the 'art student degraded to the service industry till they get discovered' server or the 'wwooowwww, I just totally got my medical weed card and am so excited to space every single thing you say' server. EVERY SINGLE TIME. There has not been an exception. I could provide at least a dozen service industry crimes that would banish any culprit to a life sentence at Arby's, but I'll spare the details. Trust me, management is food focused but will hire any narcissistic hipster as long as they look the part. "Hey bro, I'll help you in a minute once I finish my Chai."