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Oct 30, 2010 06:51 AM

I need some help with Salsa Verde

On tomorrow's menu: chicken enchiladas with salsa verde. I have two very different recipes for the salsa verde -- one is made with green chile sauce that has roasted green chiles (I'd probably be using Anaheim) as a primary ingredient; this recipe is in the Rancho de Chimayo Cookbook. The other recipe,which is probably more traditional, is tomatillo-based. I can't decide which recipe to use. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Oh, I'd go with the green chile sauce, and save the tomatillo based salsa for chips or something else.

    1. I'd be inclined to head for the first option; fuller flavor, not quite as tangy. I love Enchiladas with green chile sauce!! (But honestly, I'd probably make the second one too, and use just a spoonful to finish the plates. Nice point/counterpoint.)

      1. I would go for the green chile option, but the Anaheims are a poor substitute for the New Mexican chiles, unless you have a preference for very mild you will have to fire it up with some jalepenos or serrranos.

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          It's really hard to find fresh New Mexico chiles here in southeastern PA. I lucked out and found some wonderful Hatch chiles a few weeks back, but those are long gone. I had been thinking of adding some serranos to the mix; jalepenos -- at least those I find around here -- are totally unpredictable with regard to heat.

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            I noticed some canned green Hatch chiles in the market yesterday. I wonder if they might be any good, and if I should add those to my chile mix.

          2. The one using lots of roasted green chiles is authentic New Mexico style (with variations in neighboring states). The use of tomatillos is more typical of Mexico, and can be either raw or cooked. I usually buy the tomatillo version (with hot chiles like seranos) in cans or jars. In many parts of Mexico, the darker Poblano is the mild fresh chile of choice, as opposed to the Anaheim and NM chiles.

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            1. re: paulj

              Ahhhh... now I understand -- it's a regional distinction. I can almost always find Poblanos in my local market. I was going to use Anaheims because that's what the recipe had recommended (in the absence of New Mexico green chiles).

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                Here's a Mexican style chicken enchilladas using a tomatillo salsa verde, poblanos, and cream


                Sara's guest on this episode was Roberto Santibanez

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                  The New Mexican chiles (usually 'Hatch') are only available fresh for a few weeks of the year, I have the same challenge in the Pacific NW. I bought many pounds, roasted and froze them some weeks ago.
                  If you want to make 'authentic' New Mexican style Salsa Verde you could source frozen Hatch chiles, second best is to use a jarred brand, there are cans too but personally I think they are awful. The nearest you will get otherwise is to use Anaheims with serranos for heat, Poblanos good as they are, have a quite different flavor.
                  If you do a search on this board under Hatch or Green chile you will find lots more info.

              2. I often just lay fresh roasted green chiles over my chicky enchies and top w/ dice onion & celantro.
                How do you like the Chimayo cookbook?

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                1. re: Passadumkeg

                  Do you mean you use roasted green chiles in addition to a chile sauce, or in place of?

                  This is my first time cooking from this cookbook. My husband and I had dinner at the Rancho de Chimayo about two years ago. What a treat that was! The food in that part of the country is unlike anything we get around here (southeastern PA), even though we have a sizable Latino population. In fact, I'm about to head out to one of our local Mexican markets to do my shopping. Maybe I'll luck out with the green chiles today.

                  I'll let you know how my "enchies" turn out. :)

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    Instead of the salsa, just a nice hot roasted and peeled fresh green chile!
                    Simplifiy, simplify, simplify.

                    I ate at Rancho do Chimayo 35 years ago; need to return.