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Oct 30, 2010 05:37 AM

Chicken-fried steak -- Metro Detroit

I'm new to these parts; tried the search function but couldn't find what I needed -- I apologize if this has been discussed before.

Where can I get chicken-fried steak around the Detroit area? I'd prefer to stay away from chain places.

Many thinks!


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  1. Great topic. Thanks for posting, Vic.

    I've had a few chicken-fried steaks in the metro area. All were forgettable.

    1. I started a similar link in June 2010 which has dissapeared. But, Southern Fires in Detroit ( was recommended. It's off Jefferson and has secured parking. The Chicken Steak itself was just okay (very salty) and the brown gravy was without character and the place was not quite "clean" although it's very large and was full for Thursday lunch. The greens and corn bread on the other hand were worth the trip.

      Southern Fire
      575 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207

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      1. re: goatgolfer

        Brown gravy--and not a good gravy, on a Chicken Fried Steak! From a dining experience viewpoint, our lunch visit to Southern Fires Friday was awful. Daughter ordered Braised Short Ribs...brown gravy on that dish too. Never again.

        Southern Fire
        575 Bellevue St, Detroit, MI 48207

      2. I had a great chicken fried steak alt Louie's Ham and Cornbeef on Mack near the Eastern Market...great breakfast selection too.

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        1. re: fburks

          I went to Louie's on Riopelle today for lunch (thanks fburks). This place is hoppin'! And, the country fried steak was crispy with good cream gravy too. My chicken steak tooth is now satisfied. thanks again.

          1. re: goatgolfer

            Your welcome...just glad I had something to contribute!