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Oct 29, 2010 09:58 PM

Where can I buy COOKED meat / poultry in bulk?

I workout a lot and need to eat meat everyday and don't have time to live with vegetarians who cant take it me cooking it at home..

Does anyone know of a place in Toronto area where I can buy "Cooked" meat....especially chicken...or chicken breasts?

No supermarket boxed ready to eat meals please....looking for freshly prepared..

And I am looking to buy 10-15 lbs every week...


They sell it in costco in US but not here which sucks...

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  1. Found it !!

    D&D Poultry in Scarborough....will call to check the prices...

    They sell cooked chicken in bulk...4kg...price not listed in website...but that's the place I needed..!!!!!!

    1. I think St. Andrew's Chicken in Kensington sells cooked chicken as well.

      St. Andrews Fish and Chips
      1589 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P2Y3, CA

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      1. re: chowyp

        Do u know their prices? I am looking to buy cooked chicken per lb and not combos that come with rice/potatoes / drinks....most restaurants sell that..

        D&D sells cooked, diced chicken pieces in 4 kg boxes..:
        100% dark
        100% white
        or 60% dark 40% white

        will be calling to check prices

      2. Costco usually has cooked chicken breasts, cut up and ready to toss into a salad. They come in a package of two containers attached to each other and each container has about 2lbs. of meat. I either paid $9 or $14. I can't remember. I bought them once at the Etobicoke location.