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Oct 29, 2010 09:30 PM

ISO Caramel Apple Recipe

Apologies if this has been discussed recently, but a search didn't turn anything up for me. Anyway, I'm looking for a caramel recipe to use with caramel apples (not interested in using pre-made caramel). TIA for you help.

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  1. Boil honey, cream, and a pinch of salt together.
    Here's a web site that illustrates it: http://www.ourbestbites.com/2010/10/h...

    Alternatively, my most popular "caramel apple" recipe is to cook a can of sweetened condensed milk submerged in water in my crock pot all day until it turns to dulce de leche. Serve with apple slices. It will be rapidly devoured.

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      Thanks. Have you made the honey caramel recipe? I usually use brown/white sugar for caramel, and was wondering how pronounced the honey flavor was.

      The dulce de leche is a good idea for another time -- tomorrow I'll be baking with little kids who've never done this before but have seen pictures of the apples on sticks.

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        I've made this yes and I'd say I can tell it's made from honey but none of the rest of my family can...

      1. Chow is featuring a basic caramel apple recipe right now, look down at the bottom of this page, or check under the Recipes file.

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          Thanks, I tried the Chow recipe yesterday and it was great. If anyone else uses the recipe, I recommend using 1.5t salt rather than the 2t called for. It was definitely salty enough with 1.5.

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            Did you use the kosher called for or table salt?

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              I used kosher (and I am a fan of salted caramel).

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            I've had caramel apples at The Big E. Good memories.

            I remember the one time my mom made them, back before parchment paper or Silpats were the thing for home cooks, in the 60's. She plopped the dipped apples onto unbuttered waxed paper, and they just did not come off, not without waxed paper firmly attached to the bottoms of the apples. She was a bit taken aback. Haha. So we ate around the paper...