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Oct 29, 2010 08:58 PM

BYOB around White Plain

Can anyone suggest a good BYOB for dinner. Me and my friends are trying to cut down a little on price and bring some good beers. The people I am going with are not adventurous eaters and we'd like to keep the price around $25 a head. Like the title mentions, a place around White Plains. We have people coming from Dobb's Ferry and people from Somers. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Elia Taverna in Bronxville is a fairly new excellent Greek restaurant. Went there with a friend two weeks ago and it was still BYOB. You can check out their menu here:

    $25 a person should be doable at Elia Taverna.

    1. There's Shiraz Persian restaurant on 119 in Elmsford. Persian might sound adventurous, but it's not really....salads, kebabs, pilafs. Like Greek or Turkish food. It would go well with beer, and you could easily stick to the $25 budget.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I heard Vega Mexican in Hartsdale is BYOB. Anyone know?

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          its not .BYOB is normally for new places that have not gotten there permits selling liquor and beer is how 99% of them make there money as a matter of fact if they let you bring in wine they will charge a corking fee.

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            I know that BYOB is usually for new places and Vega is pretty new. I heard that they obtained their liquor license. There are some places, like Shiraz, that are not new that are BYOB but, hey, thanks for not being helpful.

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              ah come on dude lighten and your group are welcome at my house anytime, you can bring the booze and ill supply the food

        2. the indian place in tarrytown changed owners- they are still BYOB- hallal- BYOB will never change. I haven't been since they changed hands but Indian is typically affordable.
          Jamaican Cafe in Mt. Kisco- yummy- VERY casual and a real experieince- like being in Jamaica- culture, people, food.

          1. Technically if the restaurant does not have a liquor license you can't drink on their premises. Having said that the liquor authority can police this. Given our current economic environment most restaurants should welcome your business and at worst charge a small corkage fee.