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Oct 29, 2010 08:54 PM

Taste - LAME

Went to Taste tonight because I had a Blackboard Eats coupon. We had been there before and the food was okay, but nothing super spectacular...and probably would not have gone back had we not had the coupon. I forwarded to a friend a few weeks ago & he used it - so they would not let me use it again. Did not know this was unacceptable - as I have used other coupons multiple times (most recently at Street and previously at Saint Amour). The hostess was not very nice about it; kind of bitchy actually and repeated over and over that they would not accept it...even though I was very nice about it saying I did not know this rule. I feel like she could have made an exception or at least been a little nicer, especially if she wanted repeat business. Will not be going back again.

The food...we split 3 appetizers and an entree. Appetizers included Arugula Salad with Fennel and Pomegranate (the seeds were not sweet or particularly ripe), Elephant Roasted Garlic served with toasted Ciabetta bread was good, Fried Rock Shrimp (ok - a bit greasy). Pet peeve they brought everything out at the same time - despite saying we wanted it in courses. For the entree we got the Hanger Steak. We had the chocolate bread pudding for dessert - recommended by our neighbor - and we were glad we had it. But after the bill situation our night was definitely dampened and we didn't leave with a good taste.

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  1. "Did not know this was unacceptable"

    Mail with passcode reads:
    "Passcodes are good for one use, and only one can be applied per party. "

    My rephrasing suggestion to BBE (sounds funny but probably the legalese is clearer):
    "Passcodes are good for one and only one use, and only one passcode can be applied per party. "

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    1. re: RicRios

      Right, I should have read the fine print...but the hostess didn't need to be such a bitch about it. And, I mean, this was the first time I was using it. Was it really worth them losing my business forever over $30?

      LOL Servorg - they need to revise the wording as you suggest; it is much clearer :)