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What to serve with Merguez sausages

Having a tapas dinner with some Moroccan dishes and I wanted to serve some Merguez as one of the tapas. I could just fry it up and toss it on a plate with a garnish or two...but I am wondering if anyone has any clever ideas to turn it into a simple but more interesting tapa?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. How about lightly grilled and served with a slightly spicy mayo sauce (possibly using harissa or adobo flavors).

    For a simple enhancement to presentation, do mini-skewers with some Mediterranean vegetables and the dipping sauce.

    1. As you're serving it as part of a mezze, I'd stick with simply slicing in into chunks and frying it. This will allow the flavour to stand out. You might serve it sat on a bed of cous cous or, even, rocket leaves if you wanted a nicer presentation.

      Whilst I usually use Merguez in a tagine, I have cooked it as a standalone starter. No real recipe but I mixed the fried sausage with a tin of beans (flageolet or similar), onions, harissa and chopped coriander and mint.

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          Thanks for these ideas--very helpful! I like the rocket/arugula idea, but I think I will put it on a bed of watercress with a harissa vinaigrette.

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            you don't think the harissa will compete with the merguez?
            i recently had a nice sundried tomato vinaigrette that might be nice with your watercress, while allowing the merguez to be the star of the show.

            another thought: the spices in the merguez itself might give you a jumping-off idea for your vinaigrette.

            Merguez Spice Blend

            1 part Cumin

            1/4 part turmeric

            1/8 part caraway

            1/6 coriander

            1/16 fennel

            1/8 dried thyme (zaatar).

            ΒΌ sumac

            1/4 sweet paprika

            1/8 ancho chile powder

            1/4 cayenne

            1/32 black pepper

            1/32 white pepper

            1/32 pink pepper

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              Thanks, alkapal--that is a good point. I also thought of the competition issue, but I plan on making it on the sweet side in hopes that the harisa link will be a welcome common thread as opposed to a unwelcome distraction. I am thinking of tangy, salty, spicy sausages plus peppery cress in a sweet and spicy dressing.

        2. Why not fry up thin slices of French bread in the Mergues
          z fat that comes off as you fry the sausage. Then just pin a thin fried piece to each little toast round.

          This is a classic way to serve Merguez here in SW France

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          1. I have only eaten it once, but it was one of the best restaurant dishes I've ever had: flammekueche with creme fraiche, gruyere, caramelized onion, and thin slices of merguez. The puff-pastry-like crust of flammekueche could easily be replaced by any pizza or flatbread crust, or phyllo cups (as long as the sausage is placed on top so it browns).

            1. Merguez sausage over braised cabage:
              Measurements for this recipe are sort of silly, as it is all to preference, but I've included some:
              Bake some nice sausages (today's are Merguez from Dot's - wow) @ 350 F to internal 160)
              Serve over a few wedges of simple braised cabbage.
              The braise: Chop and saute to brown a small onion in evo/butter
              Slice a half a cabbage to small wedges (4, 6, whatever)
              Put these in the pan with the browned onion
              Add 1 cup chicken broth
              Add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar
              Cover and cook 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
              Uncover and cook til cabbage wilts and broth is almost evaporated (~5 min), stirring occasionally.
              Stir in Add 1 1/2 teaspoons vinegar (rice wine, cider vinegar, your choice)
              Season with salt and pepper (black, red, both, whatever) to taste
              Serve immediately.

              For fun, I sprinkled some nutmeg on a few bites, sumac on a few.
              These were nice little surprises on the plate

              So, so fast, so easy - probably easier if I did it all in the pan, but I liked it