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Oct 29, 2010 07:59 PM

Metro Detroit Beef (served hot... but not in the center)

In Metro Detroit if you’re looking forward to steak (hi temp cooked beef), for steak sake, you buy beef and cook it yourself. This isn’t Chicago, so-called steakhouse paradise. But, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, or are seeking a masculine, classic night out, you might take the plunge, at least for some of the best Detroit has to offer. Perhaps prime rib. Hey, it’s fast getting too cold to barbecue, and JanPrimus seems to need to get something off his chest, so let’s talk beef restaurants. (Maybe you’re rich old uncle will be in town for the holidays and will want to treat the extended family to a night out; so, some advance contemplation might be prudent?)

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  1. Sign of the Beefcarver? ;-)

    Heh, no, really... I haven't found an excellent prime rib around here. But, my favorite steak in the area is Union Woodshop's smoked rib eye, medium rare. Really excellent flavor from the tenderizing and peppery rub, laced together with sweet sweet smoke.

    Sign of the Beefcarver
    27400 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

    1. I am very interested to see the replies for this topic. Years ago, after many overcooked slabs of meat devoid of any marbling, I decided it wasn't worth ordering steak at restaurants in Metro Detroit. So it is fair to say I have very little recent experience with the current steak situation in the Detroit restaurant scene.

      I am a little ashamed to say that the only place I still do order steak is at J. Alexanders as most of the time I do enjoy their prime rib. I should say I have heard good things about Redcoat's prime rib, but no matter how much I tell myself I will try it I ultimately cave and order a burger.

      Still, with the insanely low price that Costco sells prime meat, it seems like steak is better left to the home kitchen where I can be assured it will be cooked precisely to my liking thanks to my ghetto rice cooker sous-vide setup.

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      1. re: rcloud

        Costco ribeyes are wonderful, aren't they? Sometimes they're even a bit *too* thick (is that even possible?) for me, but they're oh, so good for the price.

        1. re: boagman

          They really are great and really are an amazing value.

          I do agree with vtombrown on USDA grading, but when it comes to Costco I can almost always come away with a slab of prime beef that I find definitely exceeds the quality of steaks from the high-end grocery stores (and at a much lower price).

      2. I'm basically going to have to not vote here, since I've never had a restaurant prime rib that I thought was truly worth a darn. I really, really dislike every restaurant's prime rib that's served "cool" since it's just anathema to me. Don't misunderstand: it's a *temperature* thing, not a "rare" thing. I love the cut...but only if it's coming right out of the oven for me, and it's nice and hot. Oh please, for heaven's sake, *yes*. But what most places do with it, serving it near cold? Yike.

        1. Just a few things....I want to take a field trip.

          For downtown I actually really like the steaks at

          I normally don't get steaks when I am out on the town since they are much cheap at home and so easy to do yourself.

          1. I’m roughly on the same page as most of you all. The first thing that comes to mind is Costco, rather than particular restaurants. While most of America’s very biggest cities have been blanketed with Costco stores offering USDA Prime beef, it is only recently that they have offered it on more than a spotty basis in the Detroit area. It’s about darn time.

            That being said, I want to be on record as saying USDA grading isn’t the be-all / end-all of beef selection, but I’ll save my rant for another topic.

            I do like J Alexander’s also, and, yes, if jjspw touts Woodshop’s smoked ribeye three times in ten days, then I’m going to go out of my way to give it a whirl. (I already blew jjspw’s tip on the Thai Buddhist Temple weekend market, for the season, so I’ve got to get back on track.)

            Each year, grass fed beef keeps creeping in more and more. I think that in a couple years we’ll have a decent selection in the markets and in restaurants. Right now, it is expensive, hard to find, and hit & miss, quality wise.

            In terms of red meat, I’d have to say that Michigan’s competitive advantage is in lamb, rather than beef. But, I don’t want to stray off topic…

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            1. re: vtombrown

              I just sent a buddy to Union Woodshop last night, and he came back and reported to me that his steak there was really gristly, under-marbled, not the most tender, and generally underwhelming... so maybe you shouldn't rush up there, VTB. :-\

              Has anyone purchased steaks from Peacock's Poultry Farm in Troy? I'm curious whether smaller independent places like Peacock's might get better cuts of meat than some of the bigger markets.


              1. re: jjspw

                I've been to Peacock's and am not a regular customer. I'd really prefer to leave my comments at that, and let others give the definitive thumbs ups or thumbs downs. (rather un-bold of me)