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D'Angelo's Ristorante Italiano

barryg Oct 29, 2010 05:24 PM

on 20th St was recently recommended to me. I've seen it before, but never heard anything about. Any chowhound opinions?

I'm setting up a dinner for 9 with some elderly diners, so a quiet atmosphere and accommodating service are important. I was planning Branzino prior to hearing about D'Angelo's. Your thoughts are appreciated, thanks. Alcohol is not a concern.

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    phillyjazz RE: barryg Oct 29, 2010 05:47 PM

    I think they opened way back when Carolina's was overflowing .... It's been obviously years since I've been but they were OK. They've been around pretty long in a neighborhood that can be pretty inhospitable, but if I were choosing, I'd stick with Branzino.

    1. sockii RE: barryg Oct 29, 2010 06:35 PM

      I'd choose Branzino over D'Angelos any day. D'Angelos can run very expensive for certain good dishes, but plenty of just average South Philly-style Italian stuff as well. It seems more of a bar crowd/go-to-be-seen place than a real foodie joint. (I used to live right across the street at the Dorchester, right on the Southwest corner facing D'Angelos. Friday/Saturday nights were always a nightmare with the partying drunks piling out of the place, screaming, shouting and even flashing on the street 1-2am).

      If alcohol/ie, having a bar is not an issue, than by all means, Branzino wins over D'Angelos IMHO. I would also look at Salento if being right on/near Rittenhouse Square is not an issue, as they really blew me away on a recent visit, and the atmosphere was very quiet and classy Italian.

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        sylviag RE: barryg Oct 29, 2010 07:21 PM

        We have only been to D'Angelo's once, but we thought the food was average and way overpriced.

        We ate at Branzino recently - we have been there many times - and had a lovely dinner.
        Ask for the upstairs; it's nicer.

        If you don't have to be in center city, I would recommend Apollinaire, in Northern Liberties.
        It had been highly recommended - and deserved it. Delicious food, comfortable and quiet atmosphere (wasn't crowded, that could be why) - we all enjoyed it.

        If price is not a problem, I would recommend Prime Rib (you need to ask for the Stimulus menu, but it's a great deal at $35) or Capital Grille. Capital Grille is divided into small rooms, and you can talk. Great pre-theater menu if you can make it before 6pm.
        Prime Rib is a favorite with the grandparents crowd - and a younger crowd also.

        Never had dinner at Chops but I've had several excellent lunches. Beautiful space, and quiet even when filled.

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