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Oct 29, 2010 05:24 PM

D'Angelo's Ristorante Italiano

on 20th St was recently recommended to me. I've seen it before, but never heard anything about. Any chowhound opinions?

I'm setting up a dinner for 9 with some elderly diners, so a quiet atmosphere and accommodating service are important. I was planning Branzino prior to hearing about D'Angelo's. Your thoughts are appreciated, thanks. Alcohol is not a concern.

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  1. I think they opened way back when Carolina's was overflowing .... It's been obviously years since I've been but they were OK. They've been around pretty long in a neighborhood that can be pretty inhospitable, but if I were choosing, I'd stick with Branzino.

    1. I'd choose Branzino over D'Angelos any day. D'Angelos can run very expensive for certain good dishes, but plenty of just average South Philly-style Italian stuff as well. It seems more of a bar crowd/go-to-be-seen place than a real foodie joint. (I used to live right across the street at the Dorchester, right on the Southwest corner facing D'Angelos. Friday/Saturday nights were always a nightmare with the partying drunks piling out of the place, screaming, shouting and even flashing on the street 1-2am).

      If alcohol/ie, having a bar is not an issue, than by all means, Branzino wins over D'Angelos IMHO. I would also look at Salento if being right on/near Rittenhouse Square is not an issue, as they really blew me away on a recent visit, and the atmosphere was very quiet and classy Italian.

      1. We have only been to D'Angelo's once, but we thought the food was average and way overpriced.

        We ate at Branzino recently - we have been there many times - and had a lovely dinner.
        Ask for the upstairs; it's nicer.

        If you don't have to be in center city, I would recommend Apollinaire, in Northern Liberties.
        It had been highly recommended - and deserved it. Delicious food, comfortable and quiet atmosphere (wasn't crowded, that could be why) - we all enjoyed it.

        If price is not a problem, I would recommend Prime Rib (you need to ask for the Stimulus menu, but it's a great deal at $35) or Capital Grille. Capital Grille is divided into small rooms, and you can talk. Great pre-theater menu if you can make it before 6pm.
        Prime Rib is a favorite with the grandparents crowd - and a younger crowd also.

        Never had dinner at Chops but I've had several excellent lunches. Beautiful space, and quiet even when filled.