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Oct 29, 2010 04:35 PM

Where should I send him

My husband is in town (with work colleagues) from the SFBay area Oct 31st through Nov 4th. They're staying near the convention center. He wants me to recommend some places. so far research and past visits to the area suggest the following for dinner: Revel Room, Prestons, Market by Jean George, Mill Marine, Jules Bistro,Goldfish Pacific and Voya. What do you all think of these? They're not serious foodies, but they know a good thing. Nothing too precious, please. Also, is there anything interesting for a quick lunch near enough to the convention center to get away for break?

Voya Restaurant (closed for renovations)
1177 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 0A3, CA

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  1. A couple of decent places nearby for quick lunches/snacks/breakfast:

    Giovane (have him try the butter bun)
    Scuie (a tad pricey for Roman-style pizza, but a good, quick place with a lot of options)
    Cafe Artigiano - espresso drinks

    For dinners - a short 10 min walk to Gastown is the best bet.
    Alibi Room - a brew and burger (extensive list of local craft beer)
    L'Abattoir - solid indie restaurant...though not sure if it verges on being too precious.
    Jules Bistro - haven't been in a while, but I recall it serving a good duck confit and steak frites.
    Market - I like it personally, but it does get mixed reviews here.

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      Thanks, fmed, especially for the lunch suggestions. They're hard to find.

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        I know you have lots of taquerias in SF but just for fun maybe lunch at our La Taqueria -- very different than the resto of the same name in the Mission :-).