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Oct 29, 2010 04:15 PM

Thick-cut bacon

Am looking for some thick-cut or artisanal bacon and am wondering where I can find this? Tired of buying bacon that has very little meat left once cooked. Help!

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  1. Boucherie de Paris in Côte-des-Neiges has excellent slab bacon. Very meaty, nicely smoked (maple wood, I believe) and made by a small local firm. They'll slice it to order, either with their slicer or a knife.

    Boucherie de Paris
    5216 Gatineau between Swail and Jean-Brillant (metro CDN)
    514 731-6615

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          AFAIK, the only place in town making and selling peameal bacon is Boucherie Beau-Bien on Ontario. I've never had it, though.

      1. There's a charcuterie on St-Laurent near Marie-Anne called Charcuterie Le Traiteur Du Terroir that had a really smoky bacon you could buy in a chunk or get them to cut for you, so they would probably be flexible on the thickness.

        My husband says he thinks this charcuterie is gone from the last time we walked by... I'd be really sad if so, so does anyone know if it's still there?