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Oct 29, 2010 04:08 PM

Duck in the Slow Cooker?

Has anyone used a slow cooker for duck? I found one recipe to try but before I make the attempt I thought I'd ask here if anyone has any recipes or general tips/suggestions. Would welcome your thoughts!

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  1. Never tried it myself but I'm surprised you found only on recipe for duck in a slow cooker. There are thousands of them on the Internet.

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    1. re: todao

      Oh, I found plenty of slow cooker duck recipes, but only one that particularly appealed to me the day I was looking. ;) Many of the recipes I found were oriental in flavor (understandably so) and while they sounded delicious I am trying not to eat soy any more. That narrowed the selection down quite a bit. Then there were a number of French recipes that sounded fabulous but were more work than I wanted for my first attempt. Other recipes just did not sound tasty to me ... too much sugar or odd ingredients. And finally there were the countless recipes that showed up under my search parameters that were not even remotely duck slow cooker or even dutch oven recipes! (I'm not averse to converting dutch oven recipes for the slow cooker; in fact many of my favorites began life as dutch oven recipes.) Your search turned up the same recipes I found. This is the one I was thinking of trying:
      I may also adapt an oriental one and just not use any soy products, but would love to have more recipe ideas to choose from.

    2. Yes, I have - it was years ago but if I remember rightly, it turned out wonderful!
      I think duck is a good candidate for slow cooking because of the fat content that would be rendered. Maybe it would end up similar to a confit?

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        I had the same thought as you. Seems like the fattiness would make it a lovely, tender, meat-falling-off-the-bone sort of slow cooker meal.