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Oct 29, 2010 03:56 PM

A1 sauce in Montreal?

I wouldn't be asking if I hadn't failed multiple times to source my fav steak/egg/rice and beans sauce.

My local PA doesn't have it, IGA doesn't have it, Loblaws had it but no more. I need to find a place to find some soon.

Life as defined as having a sauce for the rice and beans for my at-work lunch is getting to the "I need some help" point. I am open to alternative suggestions as to how I can add some flavour/umani to the rice and beans, should you think some other pre-prepared sauce might be worth trying. I'm getting desperate and will entertain non-chem-flavored alternatives.


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  1. try Loblaws on Jean-Talon near parc. 514-948-2600

    1. west of st. laurent it's pretty easy to find, but you might consider trying something new! chutney would add complexity, sambal oelek a little fire, jerk sauce a spicy sweetness...i love condiments!

      1. Strange. I've seen A1 everywhere. But may I suggest this is the opportunity for you to branch out and discover Pickapeppa Sauce from Jamaica. If you're downtown, you can find this at Douceurs du Marché in the Atwater Market. They have an entire wall of hot sauce. Pickapeppa is NOT a hot sauce - at least not the traditional version (they've branched out to include true hot sauces, but the original is what you should look for). If you enjoy A1 and HP, Pickapeppa will please you beyond all experience.

        It's dark, brown, and rich in tamarind goodness. Goes incredibly well with soup, steak, rice, tomatoes...... cripes, you could probably slap it on bread and it would make an impressive sandwich. IMHO it completely blows A1 and HP (which I still both enjoy) out of the water.

        Here's their website:

        Apart from being possibly the only place in Montreal that carries the Pickapeppa line, Douceurs du Marché also sell it at VERY reasonable prices - possibly cheaper than A1 or HP per bottle.

        1. in Costa Rica, I discovered Salsa Lizano- it is what they use in rice and black beans, as well as a condiment on nearly everything else. It's available at Supermarche Andes.